Pei Qianhao let out a chuckle, his hands reaching around Su Xi-er’s waist as he pressed her against the desk.


Another wave of warm kisses came again, her hands hooking around his neck as she raised her head to meet him.


After planting a trail of kisses down her cheek to her neck, Pei Qianhao raised his head and caressed her hair with his right hand. “This Prince came here today to inform you that the date has been set. Seven days after the Winter Solstice palace banquet is an auspicious day for marriage.”


Su Xi-er was moved. It looks like he has already arranged everything properly. “Prince Hao, where should this servant be before that?”


“Just stay in the Imperial Library. This Prince will handle everything.”


Just stay in the Imperial Library? Don’t tell me that I’m going to marry from the Imperial Library?


“The invitation cards will be sent out after the palace banquet. This Prince will also invite Nanzhao’s Emperor.” Pei Qianhao’s second statement naturally held some self-interest. He still felt uncomfortable when he recalled the sight of Su Xi-er and Ning Lianchen, ‘exchanging flirtatious gazes’.


I want to let Nanzhao’s Emperor personally witness Su Xi-er marrying me.


However, he didn’t know that this was exactly what Su Xi-er wished for. As my only living family, it’s great that Lianchen will be able to come. I could only pass away tragically in my past life, but now he will be able to see me obtaining happiness. 


Warmth surged forth from the recesses of her heart, and her face was wreathed in smiles, not knowing that it caused a certain someone’s displeasure again.


“You’re so happy when you hear about Nanzhao’s Emperor? This Prince suspects that you two knew each other very well in the past.”


Su Xi-er felt her heart almost leaping out of her chest, but she soon regained her composure. “Prince Hao, you’ve already investigated this servant’s background, and know that I am a citizen of Beimin. If I was familiar with Nanzhao’s emperor, I wouldn’t be here right now. Things obviously don’t add up here.”


Pei Qianhao was, of course, aware that everything she said was corroborated by facts. However, he had always believed in his intuition, and it had never led him astray before. Thus, it made him very perplexed.


“Stay in the Imperial Library and don’t go out, understand?” Pei Qianhao let go of her.


Su Xi-er nodded. “This servant won’t go anywhere.”


“Not bad, you have been obedient these days.” Pei Qianhao raised his hand and gently patted her head before walking out of the Calligraphy Pavilion.


He came here just to inform me about the marriage date so that I can rest assured. Su Xi-er looked down at the Lan Script copybooks on the desk, as well as the three characters of her name that he had written.


She traced her finger against the dried ink. His observations are meticulous, noticing minute details that many others don’t. The direction of the tip of the brush and thickness of the strokes have been grasped well.


15 minutes later, Chao Mu walked in and saw Su Xi-er staring at the Lan Script copybook. “Su Xi-er, I thought it’d be the Third Imperial Prince, not Prince Hao! I saw him and Grand Tutor Kong discussing something in the Imperial Library’s main hall, but I wasn’t close enough to hear their conversation.”


Su Xi-er placed down the copybook. He told me to stay in the Imperial Library, and has now gone to look for Grand Tutor Kong. Could he be planning to ask Grand Tutor Kong to arrange a more presentable status for me?


“Su Xi-er, I’ll let you in on a secret.” Chao Mu suddenly began acting mysteriously as she stood on tiptoes and moved to whisper in Su Xi-er’s ears. “Grand Tutor Kong is very erudite, and has been studying literature for his whole life. But which woman would like a geeky scholar? Many years have passed, but he has neither a wife nor children.” 

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