Miss Qing saw the joy on Su Xi-er’s countenance and became even more upset. But this is the Palace Side Quarters so I can’t let my temper flare up completely. Elder Brother Wu had ordered me before I came to inconspicuously pass the note to Su Xi-er. 


As for the contents of the note, she didn’t look at it, nor did she dare to.


However, after Su Xi-er discovered the note, the delight on her face made Miss Qing extremely uncomfortable!


“Miss Qing, thank you.” Su Xi-er grasped the note tightly in her hand.


“Remember what you have told me. Don’t have wishful thinking about people you shouldn’t forge connections with.” Miss Qing’s voice was very low and carried a threatening tone.


“This servant knows, please don’t worry, Miss Qing.”


After Miss Qing received Su Xi-er’s assurance, the former heaved a sigh of relief. “That is still acceptable.” She then turned and walked forward. 


Some palace maids witnessed this scene and couldn’t help but be curious in their hearts. How did Su Xi-er offend Miss Qing? Judging from that attitude just now, it felt as if Miss Qing was going to strangle Su Xi-er to death.


Su Xi-er returned to her room with the note. After she closed the door, she immediately opened the white note up to find five large words written with forceful brush strokes.


Eunuch Zhang, Imperial Household Department


Hm? The one who took Ruo Yuan away was Eunuch Zhang? The Imperial Household Department arranges the assignment of old maidservants, palace maids and eunuchs to the respective palaces, as well as handles various miscellaneous goods. Is it because Ruo Yuan is strong? That’s why she went to the Imperial Household Department to work for Eunuch Zhang by carrying out manual labour and moving items?”


Su Xi-er was slightly relieved. Finally, she lit a candle and burned the note. 


After tidying up, she laid down on the bed to rest.


Staying there until nightfall, she only woke up when Hong Li came to call her to eat dinner. After freshening herself up simply, she opened the door and prepared to leave.


However, Su Xi-er absolutely didn’t expect she would see him right after she opened the door. Pei Qianhao! What about Hong Li? Where did she go? Just a moment ago, she was still calling me to go for dinner, but there’s no sign of her now.


“This servant pays my respects…” She was about to bow when a large hand pressed against her shoulder and pushed her into the room.


As soon as the door closed, Pei Qianhao’s stare made it seem as if he was trying to bore a hole through her.


Why is he looking at me like this? Su Xi-er was perplexed as she looked at him. When she saw that he didn’t speak for a long time, she broke the silence, “Many thanks to Prince Hao for investigating Ruo Yuan’s matter. Since she is in the Imperial household Department, I reckon that she was called over by Eunuch Zhang to do work.”


Although Pei Qianhao chuckled, his tone was unfriendly. “No need to thank this prince. You exchanged it with your kiss.”


The atmosphere immediately became awkward. The passionate scene from last night engulfed Su Xi-er’s mind in an instant.


“I wonder why you came to look for this servant today, Prince Hao?” She didn’t understand. Even though the Empress Dowager has caused such a large commotion with her tantrum just for Prince Hao, he still chose to come here and trouble me instead of going to the Compassionate Peace Palace to accompany the Empress Dowager.


“What do you think?” Pei Qianhao walked closer to her step by step. This feeling made Su Xi-er very uncomfortable.

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