Su Xi-er immediately assumed that the Third Imperial Prince had come to the Imperial Library again, but was given a surprise by Grand Tutor Kong as she set the broom in her hands down. “Be careful. Don’t provoke Prince Hao.”


It’s not the Third Imperial Prince, but Prince Hao?! After waiting for him for so long last night, he’s only showing up in the afternoon.


“Prince Hao’s expression doesn’t look too good. You have to be careful.” Grand Tutor Kong was worried and cautioned her once more.


Su Xi-er nodded before leaving for the Calligraphy Pavilion. “Don’t worry, Grand Tutor.” 


Chao Mu’s delicate brows raised again as she watched Su Xi-er depart. She had always felt that there was something mysterious about her fellow maidservants, but she could never put a finger on it.


It was Grand Tutor Kong’s first time seeing such a complicated expression on her visage, and he couldn’t help but voice out. “Chao Mu, why are you standing there in a daze? Quickly finish sweeping the ground; you’ll have to do Tan Ge’s part as well since she isn’t around.”


“Where’s Shu Xian? Tell him to come and help.” Chao Mu pouted as she swept. She wasn’t averse to working, but she was a talkative person, so she had to find someone else to accompany her.


Grand Tutor Kong naturally understood her intentions. “I sent him to do something else today, so you’ll be the only one sweeping today. However, the Imperial Library needs to remain peaceful. As a girl, you should restrain yourself, and be more quiet and composed.”


Chao Mu harrumphed and retorted, “What quiet and composed? Only dead people are quiet and composed!”


Grand Tutor Kong ignored her and simply walked away. Chao Mu’s personality is as naive as a child’s. However, the Imperial Library is still part of the palace; it’s best to not talk too much.


Chao Mu didn’t think that much, and began grumbling as she swept.




In the Calligraphy Pavilion, Su Xi-er opened the door and entered to see Pei Qianhao flipping through a Lan Script copybook.


Shutting the door behind her, Su Xi-er bowed. “This servant pays her respects to Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao looked at her. “There are no outsiders here, so you can dispense with the formalities. Come here, this Prince has something to ask you.” He set the open copybook down on the table.


“Go on,” said Su Xi-er.


“You know how to write in the Lan Script, and you also agreed to teach the Third Imperial Prince how to write it?” Although it sounded like a question, his tone was certain.


Su Xi-er didn’t deny it. “This servant has indeed taught him.”


“Weren’t you afraid that this Prince would be unhappy?” Pei Qianhao raised his eyebrow.


“Prince Hao, are you so petty? This servant didn’t interact much with the Third Imperial Prince.”


“This Prince remembers that the Third Imperial Prince was extremely protective towards you when he delivered some medicinal powder.” Pei Qianhao remarked as he ground the inkstick.


“Prince Hao, could it be that you want to learn the Lan Script? It’s often learned by women, and besides that, didn’t you hate Ning Rulan?” Su Xi-er couldn’t but let her curiosity get the better of her.


“Calligraphy doesn’t distinguish between gender. The Lan Script has been accepted by everyone, whether they are men or women. Why can’t this Prince do the same?” Pei Qianhao picked up a brush, dipped it in ink, and wrote the character ‘xi’.


His words were flamboyant and boldly cursive. Although the tips of his strokes were vigorous, his first attempt could already be considered quite good.


Seeing that Su Xi-er didn’t reply, Pei Qianhao continued. “Since when did this Prince say that I hated Ning Rulan? This Prince admired her talents in governance. As for her other qualities, this Prince shall not make any evaluations.”


It was a sincere and impartial appraisal, without the influence of one’s personal emotions.


Su Xi-er continued to probe. “Prince Hao, when you mentioned her other qualities, are you referring to her style of dealing with things? Or are you referring to her personality?”

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