An hour later, Pei Yaran called for a palace maid. “Destroy everything in Lian Qiao’s room. Belongings of a sinful woman can’t be kept.”


“This servant obeys the order.” The palace maid respectfully acknowledged the order.


Pei Yaran had already come to a decision ー Lian Qiao was not allowed to live. No matter how severe it is, a maidservant’s crime wouldn’t usually warrant imprisonment in the Imperial Prison. Pei Qianhao is warning me that if I still dare to make a move, he will return the gesture. Elder Brother Hao, what do you plan to do with me if I insist on hurting Su Xi-er?


It was at this moment that an imperial guard entered the main hall. “Empress Dowager, the Pei Residence sent a letter.”


Pei Yaran took the letter and quickly opened it. It’s a letter from Father. It stated that Pei Anru had been confined in the Pei Residence and wouldn’t be making any movements. In addition, even Mei Jinxiue hadn’t been able to restore Pei Anru’s appearance after being summoned to the Pei Residence. As a result, the Pei Residence had no choice but to pin all of its hopes on Pei Yaran to prevent Su Xi-er from entering the Prince Hao Residence.


After she finished reading, she immediately burned the letter and instructed the guard. “Report to the person who sent the letter: This Empress Dowager hopes that Patriarch Pei can take good care of Lady Pei. This Empress Dowager will visit the Pei Residence when I have the time.”


The imperial guard bowed and walked out of the palace hall’s doors.


Pei Yaran stood up from the upper seat and tightly clutched the bottle of philtre fragrance in her hands. I must dispose of Lian Qiao as quickly as possible! The only person I can trust now is Shi Mo!


She hastily walked into the inner hall and held her breath as she divided the philtre fragrance into two small bottles. By the time she was done, Shi Mo was already waiting in the main hall.


“The only person this Empress Dowager can trust now is you. Take this bottle, and when it’s time for the Winter Solstice palace banquet…”


Shi Mo was wearing his usual black robes with only his two eyes exposed. Even Pei Yaran didn’t know what he looked like.


“Empress Dowager, you want me to use the philtre fragrance on Su Xi-er?”


“Not only does this Empress Dowager want you to use it on Su Xi-er, I also want you to take her virginity!” Once she’s no longer clean, will Pei Qianhao still want her?


Pei Yaran didn’t expect Shi Mo to shake his head. “I can use the philtre fragrance on her, but I have no interest in her. I have my own principles when I do things.”


“Su Xi-er is very beautiful. Don’t you men like a pretty face the best? Is she not enough to elicit your interest?”


“Must I be interested just because she’s beautiful? Empress Dowager, you are also a beauty. Does that mean that I have to take your virginity as well?” Shi Mo had unintentionally dealt a blow to Pei Yaran.


She was still a virgin because the late Emperor had already been impotent by the time she had married him. I was destined to be a grass widow in the palace.


“Try saying more vicious words.” A harsh glint flickered past Pei Yaran’s eyes. Since Shi Mo is not willing, should I dispatch an imperial guard? No way! An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to deal with Su Xi-er.


“I have a good proposal.” Shi Mo suddenly laughed sinisterly.


The sound of his laughter actually made her feel a little flustered. “What proposal?”


“The Third Imperial Prince and Commandery Prince Xie. Which do you think is a better candidate?”


Pei Yaran immediately understood his idea. Shi Mo plans to let Xie Yun or Situ Li take Su Xi-er’s virginity.


“I’ll leave this matter to you, but regardless of who you choose, neither is to be trifled with.” Pei Yaran cautioned as she placed the other bottle of philtre fragrance into Shi Mo’s hands.


Right now, she was just thinking of ways to delay Pei Qianhao as she waited for the day of the Winter Solstice palace banquet. As long as he discovers Su Xi-er doing the deed with another man, he wouldn’t take her into the Prince Hao Residence, no matter how much he likes her.


Men, especially powerful men, can’t tolerate that their women are tainted.

Shi Mo stowed the bottle away in his sleeve, the corners of his lips curling up wickedly under his black mask. I will ensure that this matter is carried out impeccably.

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Shi Mo: I won’t rape her because I have principles

Also Shi Mo: But I’ll make someone else rape her

What kind of backwards logic is that???

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