This implies that the culprit understood medicine. Putting it even closer to her nose, she was surprised to discover the fragrance of flowers.


All the imperial physicians saw Su Xi-er’s solemn expression, and their breathing hitched.


After a long while, Su Xi-er looked at everyone and slowly stated, “All of you should smell this properly. There’s the scent of herbs and Purple Fragance Flowers.” She passed the item to Imperial Physician Zhao.


He took the handkerchief and sniffed it, coming to the same conclusion as Su Xi-er. If it hadn’t been for Su Xi-er, I may not have even thought about this.


“There are indeed two different scents. Smell it.” Imperial Physician Zhao passed the handkerchief to the imperial physician beside him.


After the handkerchief was passed around, all the imperial physicians agreed that there were two different scents that could be detected. “If that’s the case, it could have also been the work of a woman.”


Su Xi-er voiced out. “The Imperial Physician Institute wouldn’t have a forbidden medicine, so it could have only come from someone who knew how to make it. Does anyone in the palace know how to manufacture medicine?”


Coincidentally, an apprentice pharmacist walked in at this time. “Imperial Physician Zhao, Eunuch Zhang from the Imperial Household Department has come and requested to see you.”


Imperial Physician Zhao nodded. “Quickly invite Eunuch Zhang in.”


The apprentice pharmacist acknowledged the order and soon led Eunuch Zhang in.


Eunuch Zhang was holding a registry in his hands. “This is the book that records the names of all the palace servants, as well as their background before they entered the palace.”


This book had been delivered in time, and Imperial Physician Zhao thanked him.


Watching the imperial physicians flip through the registry, Su Xi-er began to wonder. If we’re looking for someone in the palace capable of making medicine, the most likely culprit is...  Lian Qiao.


It was no sooner than she thought of Lian Qiao that the imperial physicians began to speak of her.


“Born of a Traditional Chinese Medicine family. Isn’t she working in the Compassionate Peace Palace now? The Empress Dowager had also instructed people to remove all the Purple Fragrance Flowers. Lian Qiao is the most probable suspect.”


All the imperial physicians nodded in agreement.


Su Xi-er proposed, “Let’s ask Commander Yuchi to capture Lian Qiao and properly interrogate her.”


The others concurred, and Imperial Physician Zhao passed the registry back to Eunuch Zhang. “We can all agree that Lian Qiao is the most suspicious if we’re looking for someone in the palace; it’s just that she serves the Empress Dowager. This makes the matter tricky, and we may need to ask Prince Hao to intervene.”


Eunuch Zhang took back the registry and agreed. “We indeed need to ask Prince Hao for help. Lian Qiao had entered the Compassionate Peace Palace through Commandery Prince Xie.”


Imperial Physician Zhao’s brows were furrowed. There are many mysteries surrounding Old Maidservant Liu’s death, and there are too many people involved for this to be a coincidence.


“Old Maidservant Liu is His Majesty’s wet nurse, so we must deliver an acceptable explanation. Imperial Physician Zhao, Eunuch Zhang, you should go and ask Commander Yuchi together.” Su Xi-er slowly recommended.


Both of them nodded and left the Imperial Physician Institute. However, right after they began walking on the palace path, they saw Yuchi Mo leading a group of Imperial Army guards to the Compassionate Peace Palace.


“Commander Yuchi, where are you going?” Eunuch Zhang went forward to ask.


Yuchi Mo didn’t have much time due to the urgency of his mission. He simply waved his hand at Eunuch Zhang and replied, “Prince Hao issued an order to swiftly go to the Compassionate Peace Palace, and arrest Lian Qiao and bring her to justice.” He then hastily left.


Eunuch Zhang and Imperial Physician Zhao were stunned. All of us were thinking about this for such a long time, yet Prince Hao has already come to the same conclusion. Such meticulous thoughts, as well as decisive action; as expected of Prince Hao!


The two were about to head back when Imperial Physician Zhao saw Su Xi-er standing behind, calmly gazing at the direction Yuchi Mo had left in.


I thought that he had returned to the Prince Hao Residence or the army barracks. I didn’t expect him to still be in the palace.

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