Su Xi-er didn’t make any further comments. “Since Tan Ge has something to attend to, let me take over her work.” She took the broom from Chao Mu.


Yet, before she could even start to sweep, an apprentice pharmacist entered the Imperial Library. “Who is Su Xi-er?”


Chao Mu glanced at him. “Why are you looking for Su Xi-er?”


“Imperial Physician Zhao instructed me to invite her to the Imperial Physician Institute.”


Su Xi-er understood that it had to do with Old Maidservant Liu’s case and immediately nodded. “I’ll go with you.”


“Follow me.” The apprentice pharmacist signalled for Su Xi-er to follow him before leaving without another word.


Chao Mu remained rooted to the spot, her brows furrowed in concern. Both Su Xi-er and Tan Ge aren’t simple. They have many secrets weighing on their hearts that they can’t reveal. As she was thinking, she felt a sudden pat on her shoulder.


Jumping in shock, Chao Mu turned around and saw the culprit. “Shu Xian, are you courting death?! Why did you come and scare people in broad daylight?!”


Shu Xian playfully smiled. “Do you have a guilty conscience? In the past, you would detect me if I even got close to you. What are you thinking about so early in the day?”


“That’s none of your business.” Chao Mu ignored him and continued sweeping.


“Where did Tan Ge go? Why are you the only one sweeping?”


Chao Mu passed the other broom in her hand to him. “Help me sweep; she has left the Imperial Library to attend to other matters.”


“Why do I have to help her sweep? You’ll have to give me a satisfactory explanation.” Shu Xian folded his arms in front of his chest, displaying an unconcerned attitude.


Chao Mu glared at him. “Are you going to sweep? If you’re not, I’ll cut off your family jewels.” She was probably the only one who dared to say such vulgar words.


Disregarding the Imperial Army Guards, only the scholar boy assistants, as well as the apprentice pharmacists, could keep their nether regions in the imperial palace.


Shu Xian had been personally selected by Grand Tutor Kong, and would have to go to the Imperial Academy after he turned 18. Although Chao Mu was older than Shu Xian by a year, she was not as mature as him. Throughout the years they had been together, they would always quarrel when they met. Xiao Yuanzi would often describe their relationship as fire and water and the result of their sins from a previous life.


“How can a girl keep talking about family jewels? Even if you don’t find it embarrassing, I do.” Unsure of what to do with her, Shu Xian took the broom and started sweeping.


Chao Mu harrumphed. “Trying to fight me? Look at how old you are first. Either way, why does it matter to you whether I embarrass myself or not?! It’s not like I’m yours.” She walked elsewhere with her broom.


Seeing her proud look, Shu Xian helplessly smiled and continued sweeping.


In the Imperial Physician Institute


Upon arriving, Su Xi-er noticed Imperial Physician Zhao, along with a few other physicians, engaged in deep discussion. When he saw that Su Xi-er had arrived, Imperial Physician Zhao suggested, “This woman doesn’t understand medicine, but her observation skills are quite acute. Let’s have her take a look.” It was a moment later that he set a handkerchief on the table.


“This was retrieved from Old Maidservant Liu’s hand.”


Lying in the middle of the handkerchief was something similar to a tassel.


After carefully inspecting it, Su Xi-er made her hypothesis. “This kind of thing is typically used as a decoration. They can be hung from anything from a door or used as a sword hilt tassel. Since it was found in Old Maidservant Liu’s hand, it should have been something the murderer carried around with them.”


Imperial Physician Zhao nodded. “It could have been either a man or a woman.”


The other imperial physicians began discussing. “Old Maidservant Liu was a senior old maidservant in the palace. A normal woman wouldn’t have been able to kill her. It was probably a man, and this object must have been a sword hilt tassel.”


Su Xi-er picked up the handkerchief and scrutinised the cyan tassel, even lowering her head to sniff it. A faint scent of herbs wafted into her nostrils.

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