Tan Ge was stunned for a moment before nodding. “Yes, this servant threw it away.”


Xie Yun let out a chuckle and turned around to softly caress her head. “This Prince gave you a chance, but you threw it away. Did you know that this Prince has provided quite a large sum of money to the Tan Residence for it to survive until now. Do you want to know what else will happen if you don’t show that you can repay me?”


Tan Ge’s hands curled into fists, and her eyes widened. “Commandery Prince Xie, were you the one who made a move on this servant’s mum?”


“It wasn’t this Prince, but your father, Patriarch Tan.” Xie Yun whispered and put down his hand.


“Someone will soon arrive to bring you back to the Tan Residence to see your mother off.” 


Watching Xie Yun’s departing figure, Tan Ge’s shoulders uncontrollably shook. The agony in her heart piled up, tormenting her to the point that she couldn’t even bring herself to let the tears in her eyes fall.


Chao Mu had been watching them in secret, but hadn’t been able to hear what was being said. She only knew that Tan Ge was in visible distress after Xie Yun had left, prompting her to immediately walk over..


“Tan Ge, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me.” She patted Tan Ge’s shoulder and felt her trembling non-stop.


Tan Ge held onto the letter with a death grip, and it took her a long time to reply, “Mum passed away.”


Chao Mu knitted her brows. She had never had parents, and didn’t understand why they were so important. Despite how long she had lived, she had always wondered what it would’ve been like to have them.


Chao Mu could sense Tan Ge’s sorrow, but didn’t know how to comfort her. No words will be enough to ease her bereavement.


“Chao Mu, can you help me sweep the palace path? I want to make a trip back to the Tan Residence.”


“Of course. Tan Ge, everything is unpredictable and constantly changing in this world. Everyone will eventually grow old or die from illness.”


Grow old or die from illness. These words only served to intensify the suffering in Tan Ge’s heart. Mum was killed by dad.


Tan Ge’s lips were tightly pursed as she nodded. “Thank you, Chao Mu.”


At this moment, an imperial guard from the Commandery Prince Residence entered the Imperial Library, preparing to send Tan Ge back and handle Lady Tan’s funeral on Xie Yun’s order. 


Tan Ge followed the guard and boarded a horse carriage.


Su Xi-er had left the Palace Side Quarters and was heading towards the Imperial Library when she happened to catch sight of Tan Ge leaving


It’s an ordinary horse carriage, and not one from the imperial palace. Is Xie Yun taking her away? Or did something happen to the Tan Residence that has forced Tan Ge to return?


Chao Mu also noticed Su Xi-er. When she saw the latter watching the direction the carriage had left in, she called out, “Su Xi-er.”


Hearing Chao Mu’s voice, Su Xi-er asked, “Where is Tan Ge going?”


Chao Mu sighed. “Lady Tan passed away, so Tan Ge is going back to take care of her funeral. Su Xi-er, why did you suddenly come back? Shouldn’t you have left with Prince Hao?”


“The supervisor of the Palace Side Quarters, Old Maidservant Liu, passed away, so I went to pay my respects.”


“Su Xi-er, will you be going to the Prince Hao Residence in the future? I heard many people say that Prince Hao favours you a lot.” Chao Mu was smiling with a pure look in her eyes.


“Mmm, I will be going there after some time.” Su Xi-er didn’t hide it from Chao Mu. This lass is very innocent; I shouldn’t lie to her.


Chao Mu was elated. “That’s great! After you leave the palace, based on how much Prince Hao dotes on you…” She quickly moved to Su Xi-er’s side. “You might even be able to become a secondary consort in the future!” 

Having entered the imperial palace at a very young age, Chao Mu was very clear about the importance of bloodlines. After rising up from the position of a maidservant in the Palace Side Quarters, being the secondary consort is already a dream come true!

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