Chao Mu walked to Tan Ge’s side and looked at her in concern. “What’s wrong? You have been acting strange since we came back from the Imperial Garden. Do you miss your family? It’s normal to have trouble adapting after you enter the imperial palace, but you’ll get used to it.”


Tan Ge felt a sense of loss when she heard the word ‘family’. The current Tan Residence is nothing like a family; it only seeks to heartlessly use me like a tool. I don’t feel warm at all; there’s only bone-piercing coldness.


Tan Ge laughed. “Chao Mu, I’m fine. Prince Hao is actually doing this to protect Su Xi-er. He’s announcing to everyone that Su Xi-er is with him, and that whoever dares to lay their hands on her will be his enemy.”


Chao Mu’s eyes lit up. “I held Prince Hao in contempt in the past for treating women like clothes, changing them out whenever he wished. It appears that I’ve been too prejudiced against him; I didn’t know he would treat a woman so well.”


“Chao Mu, we have to give Su Xi-er our blessings.” Tan Ge faintly smiled and continued sweeping the palace path.


However, just as she began, she heard the sound of footsteps. The sight of a man with silver embroidery on their clothes entered their eyes, causing Tan Ge to pause. It’s him. He has come…


Chao Mu also stopped sweeping and respectfully bowed. “This servant pays her respects to Commandery Prince Xie.”


Xie Yun waved his hand for her to rise before turning his gaze to Tan Ge. “A letter from your father.”


Tan Ge took the letter. “Many thanks for personally delivering it, Commandery Prince Xie. This servant is extremely grateful.”


Xie Yun nodded and looked towards Chao Mu, prompting the latter to knowingly bow as she withdrew.


Under Xie Yun’s gaze, Tan Ge opened the letter, and had only skimmed through the first few lines before understanding what it was about. The hand that she used to hold the letter trembled before she finally gave into her emotions, stumbling a few steps back.


Mum...has passed away…


When I was young, mum treated me very well. She would check on how I was doing, and treated me as her precious treasure. But ever since the Tan Residence started to decline, mum would always look troubled, and the burden she carried only increased by the day. From then on, mum would treat me coldly, and every time I talked to her, she would tell me, “You are the Tan Residence’s hope. You have to work hard to prove yourself.”


But no matter how much she changed, she was still my mum, the person who went to great pains to give birth to me.


“Commandery Prince Xie, could you arrange for this servant to leave the palace?” Tan Ge couldn’t stop her eyes from reddening as she looked up at him with a longing expression.


“Alright,” he softly agreed.


Tan Ge immediately bowed. “Many thanks, Commandery Prince. This servant is extremely grateful.”


But as soon as she spoke, Xie Yun immediately came closer before lowering his voice. “Tan Ge, you claim that you are grateful to this Prince, but this Prince doesn’t see your sincerity.”


Tan Ge understood what he was implying by ‘sincerity’. I know, but I can’t do it. I really can’t.


Hence, she pursed her lips, and spoke as if every word sapped at her strength. “Commandery Prince Xie, this servant can’t do it. Can you change it to something else?”


“If that’s the case, there’s no need for you to return to the palace. This Prince will have someone send you back to the Tan Residence.” Xie Yun turned on his heel, preparing to leave.


Panicking, Tan Ge reached out her hand and boldly pulled on Xie Yun’s sleeve. “Commandery Prince Xie, please spare this servant.” Anguish was present in both her voice and eyes.


Xie Yun didn’t turn back, but simply flung his sleeve. “You are clever enough to know what this Prince wants you to do.”


“Must it be that way?” Tan Ge asked again. Do I only have one path?


“Did you throw away the packet of medicine I gave you?”

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