“This servant pays her respects to Prince Hao. Old Maidservant Liu has passed away too suddenly, and it’s normal for His Majesty to have difficulties accepting it. This servant hopes that you won’t blame His Majesty.”


Prince Hao’s frosty gaze landed on Situ Lin. The latter braced himself for whatever punishment was coming, but what came out of Pei Qianhao’s mouth surprised him. “When did this Prince say that I was going to punish His Majesty? Guards, send His Majesty to the Dragon Heaven Palace. Don’t intervene in Old Maidservant Liu’s case; you just have to concentrate on studying well.”


Immediately after he spoke, an imperial guard walked into the room and bowed to Situ Lin, gesturing for him to follow.


Situ Lin understood. “Many thanks, Imperial Uncle. The culprit who killed Old Maidservant Liu must pay with their lives!” He then followed the guard out.


Pei Qianhao looked towards Su Xi-er, speaking before she could say anything. “Are you going to stay in the imperial palace for a few days?”


Su Xi-er concealed her surprise at him correctly guessing her thoughts. “This servant wants to bait Old Maidservant Liu’s murderer into revealing themselves.”


“How do you know that Old Maidservant Liu’s murderer wants to harm you?”


“If their target was Old Maidservant Liu, she would have died before she came to the Palace Side Quarters. Prince Hao, this servant suspects that this has something to do with the Empress Dowager.” Su Xi-er spoke her mind and observed Pei Qianhao’s expression.


He appeared solemn for a moment before he waved his hand. “You don’t have to worry about that. This Prince won’t stop you if you wish to stay in the imperial palace for the next few days.”


Su Xi-er bowed. “Many thanks, Prince Hao.”


“No need for thanks, future Princess Consort Hao.” Pei Qianhao’s voice was steady, with no change in his expression as he turned to leave.


However, Su Xi-er was still rooted to the spot. Princess Consort Hao. A status so many women covet. But that’s what he called me.


“This Prince is leaving, aren’t you coming to see me off?” Prince Hao’s voice drifted over, laced with a trace of displeasure, prompting Su Xi-er to go over.


Only then was Pei Qianhao satisfied and continued walking forward. All the palace maids bowed to pay their respects as he passed by, but none of them dared to say anything.


As more and more maids and eunuchs appeared on the widening palace path, Pei Qianhao suddenly pulled Su Xi-er to his side.


The bowing palace maids and eunuchs were stunned, but didn’t dare to make any comments. Even their breathing became shallow.


Pei Qianhao lowered his head, a hint of a smile playing at the corner of his lips as he whispered into her ear with his devilish voice. “This Prince wants everyone to know that you are this Prince’s woman.” He interlocked his fingers with Su Xi-er’s.


It was his first time holding a woman’s hand and walking with her on the palace path. Knowing full well how many people were watching, Pei Qianhao intended to borrow their mouths to spread the news to the various palace masters. His aim was to warn them to not lay a hand on the person he fancied. “If you make a move on her, this Prince will definitely not let you off.”


Su Xi-er obediently walked with him without saying anything, feeling the cold in her heart fading away with his warmth seeping in.


Only after the two figures had disappeared from sight did the palace servants dare to discuss.


“Who was that woman? She wasn’t wearing a palace maid’s clothes.” The palace maids who didn’t know Su Xi-er were baffled.


“She’s prettier than the three great beauties of Beimin.” The other palace maids who had seen the three beauties agreed.


“What, you don’t even know about the famous Su Xi-er? The news of Prince Hao’s relationship with her has long since spread around!”


“Ah! So she is Su Xi-er, the maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters! Prince Hao favours her so much. He was holding her hand and openly walking on the palace path!”


The palace maids continued fervently gossiping, and before long, the news had spread throughout the imperial palace. When it reached Tan Ge and Chao Mu in the Imperial Library, the two of them were stunned.


A moment later, Chao Mu happily smiled. “I already felt that Su Xi-er was not an ordinary person! Tan Ge, don’t you agree?”


Tan Ge was lost in her thoughts, and her body shivered when her name was suddenly called.

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