“Imperial Physician Zhao, His Majesty has already ordered for a thorough investigation to be carried out. Why don’t we start now? Considering that Old Maidservant Liu’s body shows no sign of struggle, she must have been poisoned. We should begin by examining her circumstances.” Su Xi-er surveyed her surroundings as she suggested.


Imperial Physician Zhao understood Su Xi-er’s plan, but he was also aware that there was no palace maid serving by Old Maidservant Liu’s side. She took care of all her basic needs on her own; the palace maids of the Palace Side Quarters are too busy to pay any attention to Old Maidservant Liu’s actions.


He was about to explain this when Su Xi-er walked to the table. She picked up the teapot and began scrutinising it.


Opening the teapot lid, she saw that there wasn’t much tea left inside, allowing her to see the bottom of the pot. She didn’t find any irregularities on her first inspection, but just as she was about to put it back on, she noticed some white powdery residue on the edges of the lid.


She ran a finger over the substance before putting it under her nose to sniff it. It’s odourless. However, when she rubbed it between her fingers, the powder changed into a colour that resembled the tea stains in the pot.


Imperial Physician Zhao’s expression turned solemn as he immediately came forward, his eyes widening at what he saw.“The Imperial Physician Institute has long since banned and disposed of all medicine of this type, yet it has somehow appeared again!”


Despite Situ Lin’s young age, he still understood what a forbidden medicine was. This kind of medicine isn’t allowed even when servants are being punished, yet someone has used it on Old Maidservant Liu!


He felt a stifling rage in his chest that couldn’t be dispelled.


“Imperial Physician Zhao, take the teapot and carefully examine it with the other imperial physicians. This Emperor will have the imperial guards make sure that nobody can enter or leave the Palace Side Quarters easily.”


In the face of agony, he can still maintain his composure and logically formulate a strategy. Imperial Physician Zhao was impressed, and immediately bowed with his hands held out in front of him. “This humble subject obeys the order.” He then picked up the teapot and left the room.


Afterwards, two imperial guards entered the room and lifted the stretcher, intending to bring Old Maidservant Liu’s body to the Imperial Physician Institute.


Only Su Xi-er and Situ Lin remained in the now barren room, the atmosphere having grown heavy now that it’s owner was gone.


“This Emperor thought that Wet Nurse’s days would be more comfortable after coming to the Palace Side Quarters. At the very least, there would be no one to restrain her. But now, she’s not even around anymore.” Unable to conceal his misery, his small face was already filled with creases.


Su Xi-er understood that Situ Lin’s Empress Mother had passed away not long after giving birth to him, so Old Maidservant Liu was even more important than his mother in his heart. She is the one who has accompanied him throughout his childhood.


No matter how I comfort him, it won’t be enough to assuage the anguish in his heart. Su Xi-er kept silent and simply walked to Situ Lin’s side, giving a gentle pat on his shoulder.


Situ Lin’s body trembled, and he leaned into Su Xi-er’s embrace like an injured animal. His hands raised and wrapped around her waist 


No words were spoken, but Su Xi-er could feel the faint trembling of Situ Lin’s body.


It was only after an extended period of time that Situ Lin managed to calm the grief in his heart. Just as he was about to take a step back, however, he heard a male voice clearing their throat behind him. He briefly shuddered in surprise before finally turning around and greeting, “Imperial Uncle.”


A man’s tears can’t be easily shed. Imperial Uncle abhors men who are weak and cry while trying to seek comfort, and now he’s seen me doing exactly that.


Situ Lin opened his mouth, and was about to admit to his mistakes when Su Xi-er spoke up.

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