“This servant was originally a maidservant in the Palace Side Quarters, but I am now working in the Imperial Library. I heard that Old Maidservant Liu passed away, and immediately returned to the Palace Side Quarters to see her one last time.” Her voice was calm, but nobody would mistake the amount of authority in it. Ignoring the now silent guard, Su Xi-er forcefully barged in. 


Watching her pass, the imperial guard’s brows furrowed. Who on earth is this woman?


His fellow guard whispered to him, “That woman is the one who rose from the Palace Side Quarters to a court lady in the Imperial Library, Su Xi-er. Haven’t you heard of her?”


“No, who is she? Even if she’s a court lady from the Imperial Library, she shouldn’t be this arrogant.”


“Have you turned dumb? Su Xi-er is Prince Hao’s favourite. Even the Imperial Army Commander has to be courteous to her. Why don’t you try blocking her again?”


The imperial guard’s eyes widened after receiving the warning from his comrade. “She is Su Xi-er? No wonder her aura is different. It must be because she’s gotten used to waiting upon Prince Hao. In fact, the only word I can use to describe her is cold!”


“It’s fine as long as you know. Just be more respectful if you see her next time. She used to be a maidservant, but now she is a court lady; who knows if she will fly to the top in the future?


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er had already arrived at Old Maidservant Liu’s side. The latter’s body was laid out on a bamboo stretcher, and covered with a white cloth.


We were speaking just the other day, but now she is lying motionlessly on the ground.


The few imperial physicians bowed when they saw the Emperor. “This humble subject pays his respects to Your Majesty.”


Situ Lin took a few steps forward and squatted down. Disregarding the imperial physicians, he lifted the white cloth and called, “Wet Nurse, this Emperor has come to see you.”


Old Maidservant Liu had a serene expression, and there were no signs of discomfort on her face. It was as if she had really passed away peacefully.


Su Xi-er looked at Imperial Physician Zhao and questioned, “Even if someone died because of old age, their countenance wouldn’t be so peaceful. This servant is suspicious about Old Maidservant Liu’s demise.”


Imperial Physician Zhao waved his hand for the other imperial physicians to withdraw.


Soon, it was only Situ Lin, Su Xi-er, and Imperial Physician Zhao left in the room.


Imperial Physician Zhao bowed at Situ Lin. “Your Majesty, this humble subject suspects that someone poisoned Old Maidservant Liu. Just as Court Lady Su mentioned, there is something suspicious about her death.”


Situ Lin put the white cloth back in place and stood up with a solemn expression. “Wet Nurse didn’t compete with anyone for power, nor had she offended others. Why was she targeted?”


“This… this humble subject is unsure; I can only verify the cause of death”


Su Xi-er looked at Situ Lin. “Your Majesty, even if Old Maidservant Liu didn’t compete with others, it doesn’t mean that others would leave her alone.”


Silence hung over the entire room. After a long while, Situ Lin managed to force himself to speak through gritted teeth. “Get to the bottom of this matter, and ferret out the true murderer.”


Imperial Physician Zhao asked, “If we discover them, what is Your Majesty planning to do?”


Situ Lin replied with no hesitation. “A life for a life. It’ll be handled according to the law.”


Hearing that, Imperial Physician Zhao had an ominous premonition as he looked towards Su Xi-er.


At the same time, Su Xi-er looked towards Situ Lin. Will he really make the person pay with their life if he finds the perpetrator? I know for sure that the people who would harm Old Maidservant Liu would only be Pei Yaran and Xie Yun.


“Imperial Physician Zhao, this Emperor will discuss this matter with Imperial Uncle. As this Emperor’s mother passed away early, Wet Nurse was very important to me.” Situ Lin tightly clenched his fists, and a trace of resentment could be made out among the sorrow on his face.


Whenever Situ Lin encounters a problem, the first person he thinks of is Pei Qianhao. Su Xi-er inwardly lamented. In His Majesty’s heart, he’s afraid of Pei Qianhao; but at the same time, there is nobody else that he reveres and relies on more.

Upon this thought, Su Xi-er looked at Old Maidservant Liu. We will find the true murderer. Rest in peace, and know that I will not allow you to have any regrets. Prince Hao will not take the imperial power away; Beimin’s throne belongs to Situ Lin.

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