Situ Lin nodded and smiled. “Of course you can; come on board.” He then pulled the curtain covering the entrance of the horse carriage aside.


Su Xi-er swiftly boarded, and before long, the carriage was on its way back to the imperial palace.


In the horse carriage, Situ Lin was laughing gleefully. “Beauty, why did you suddenly want to see Old Maidservant Liu? This Emperor hasn’t seen her in a long time, but I’ll come along now that you have reminded me.”


The current Situ Lin wasn’t aware that Old Maidservant Liu had already died. 


If he finds out that his wet nurse has passed away… Su Xi-er inwardly lamented as she looked at his delighted expression.


No, a monarch will need to learn to deal with his emotions, and it’s not like we can hide this matter for long either.


“Your Majesty, Old Maidservant Liu has already passed away,” Su Xi-er softly said. The smile instantly vanished from Situ Lin’s visage, replaced by seriousness and doubt.


“How did you find out about this while staying at the Prince Hao Residence? Old Maidservant Liu has always been in good health. This Emperor doesn’t believe that it’s possible for her to pass away so suddenly.”


“Old Maidservant Liu treated this servant very well, and this servant has always remembered all her kindness and favour. Commander Wu just informed this servant, which is why I am hurrying to the palace.” Su Xi-er slowly explained. When she received the news of Old Maidservant Liu’s passing, she felt as if a stone had landed on her heart.


It’s only been a few days since Old Maidservant Liu dropped off my belongings at the Imperial Library, but now she is gone.


Situ Lin tightly pursed his lips, still unwilling to accept the fact that Old Maidservant Liu had died. “Impossible, this Emperor will personally go and see with my own eyes.” He then instructed the imperial guard driving the carriage, “Speed up, and head straight for the Palace Side Quarters.”


Immediately after that, the ride became noticeably bumpier after speeding up. As for Situ Lin, his face no longer carried any vestiges of his previously cheery expression. 


In less than an hour, the horse carriage was speeding down the paths of the imperial palace towards the Palace Side Quarters.


All the palace maids and eunuchs passing by gave way. To dare to recklessly drive around the imperial palace, the person inside the carriage must carry considerable influence.


The palace path to the Palace Side Quarters became increasingly narrower, eventually forcing the carriage to halt. “Your Majesty, the horse carriage can’t go any further.”


Situ Lin lifted the curtain and swiftly alighted. “Withdraw.” He then strode to the Palace Side Quarters.


Following closely behind, Su Xi-er felt that Situ Lin was finally starting to exude the steady and imposing air of an emperor.


When they entered the Palace Side Quarters, they saw the maidservants lined up in two rows in the courtyard. They were trembling in fear as they watched rows of imperial guards and physicians coming in and out.


Old Maidservant Liu’s sudden death in her room was extremely strange. She had always been in good health, and she hadn’t fallen ill recently either. Everyone was shocked and confused to hear of her passing.


When the imperial guards spotted Situ Lin, they bowed and paid their respects in succession.


Situ Lin waved his hand and went straight into the room.


Su Xi-er followed him, but was stopped by an imperial guard. “You can’t go in.” The imperial guard hadn’t seen Su Xi-er before, and her clothes also didn’t look like what a young miss from a noble family would wear.


The other palace maids widened their eyes upon recognising Su Xi-er. Isn’t she supposed to be in the Imperial Library? But the clothes that she’s wearing aren’t the uniform of a court lady from the Imperial Library. Not only that, it might not be of the best quality, but that dress is clearly made of silk!


With imperial guards all around them, the palace maids didn’t dare to gossip, and could only suppress their doubts.

Su Xi-er immediately fixed the imperial guard with her harsh glare. The guard felt his heart skip a beat, and his hand twitched as he felt like a dagger was being held to his throat. This woman’s gaze is so cold.

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