“Who says so? You didn’t see how this Emperor’s buttocks almost gave way. Luckily, Imperial Uncle sent me Lingrui flower powder afterwards, and I managed to make a speedy recovery after mixing it with Imperial Physician Zhao’s miracle medicine.” As soon as Situ Lin mentioned the Lingrui flower powder, his eyes filled with pride.


Nobody has been able to transplant Nanzhao’s Lingrui, but Imperial Uncle succeeded! Even now, the many flower growers are currently researching how they can increase the number of flowers that can be grown.


Su Xi-er could see the pride and admiration in his eyes, but she felt the need to question Situ Lin. “Your Majesty, why did you leave the Dragon Heaven Palace? Has Prince Hao rescinded his order so quickly?”


Situ Lin grew cautious. “Of course not, how would that be possible? This Emperor risked the danger of being beaten to secretly leave the palace and visit you. Commandery Prince Xie told me that you are in the Prince Hao Residence. Don’t worry, this Emperor won’t tell anyone else.”


Su Xi-er felt her expression change for a moment when she heard the words ‘Commandery Prince Xie’, but managed to return it to normal before anyone noticed.


“Beauty, this Emperor is relieved now that I see that you’re fine. Just stay in the Prince Hao Residence. With its stringent security, no one will dare to lay a hand on you.” Situ Lin giggled, and his gaze landed on the silent Hong Li.


“You were saying that the guards would tie this Emperor up and slap my buttocks, but now that I am leaving, you have nothing to say?” Situ Lin cast a sidelong glance at Hong Li with an adorable expression.


Hong Li bowed. “This servants respectfully bids goodbye to Your Majesty.”


Situ Lin harrumphed. It’s not fun after people learn my identity! Thus, he swiftly turned around and left the room, leaving only Su Xi-er and Hong Li behind.


After he left, Su Xi-er was left to her own thoughts.


“What’s wrong?” Hong Li curiously asked.


“What is Commandery Prince Xie’s purpose in suddenly informing His Majesty that I am in the Prince Hao Residence?”


Hong Li shook her head. “His Majesty wouldn’t spread this news around. Commandery Prince Xie probably told His Majesty because he saw that he was worried.”


“It can’t be that simple.” Su Xi-er was certain.


Before Hong Li could reply, Wu Ling hastily entered the room and looked at Su Xi-er with a grave expression. “Something happened to Old Maidservant Liu.”


Su Xi-er and Hong Li froze. Isn’t the Palace Side Quarters the most inconspicuous place in the imperial palace, so why did something happen to Old Maidservant Liu?


“Old Maidservant Liu was found dead on the floor of her room this morning. Her expression was calm, and it looks like she died peacefully. An imperial physician has already gone to the Palace Side Quarters to investigate.”


Su Xi-er regained her normal expression. “I want to return to the Palace Side Quarters.”


“It’s not appropriate to send you there in the Prince Hao Residence’s horse carriage. You should go with His Majesty and try to sneak into the palace.” Wu Ling suggested, stretching his hand out to signal for Su Xi-er to leave.


I will have to go to the army barracks and report this matter to Prince Hao as soon as possible.


A glint flickered across Su Xi-er’s eyes as her hands curled into fists. I finally understand why Commandery Prince Xie told His Majesty that I am in the Prince Hao Residence.


Xie Yun is definitely related to Old Maidservant Liu’s death. He wasn’t reminding Prince Hao, but warning me that if I insist on becoming Princess Consort Hao, the people around me will die one by one. Old Maidservant Liu is the first, but Ruo Yuan and Hong Li may be the next. He won’t let anyone off as long as they’re related to me.


What a ruthless warning!


However, what he did not count on was that Pei Qianhao and I share a very specific trait: no one can stop me once I have made my decision! Xie Yun, you were the one who struck first; don’t blame me for what happens next!


Su Xi-er swiftly left the Prince Hao Residence, barely making it in time to catch Situ Lin boarding his horse carriage.


Spotting her walking over, Situ Lin lifted the carriage curtains and said, “Beauty, you don’t have to see me off.”


Su Xi-er bowed. “Your Majesty, this servant wishes to enter the palace to see Old Maidservant Liu. May I ride the same horse carriage as you?”

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