Ning Lianchen accompanied Liu Yinyin for a while longer before leaving for his repose palace. No matter how insensible Liu Yinyin was, she knew that she wasn’t allowed to go to his repose palace. I can only wait here for him to come and play with me when he’s free.


The Liu Residence is no more, my parents are gone, and the person I used to hate the most has become the only person I can rely on.


Before Ning Lianchen entered his repose palace, he already saw Fang Lingdang respectfully waiting at the entrance. Despite knowing that she was just a decoration to deceive others, she still dutifully put up the act.


“Paying respects to Your Majesty.” Fang Lingdang bowed at Ning Lianchen. Originally unfamiliar with court etiquette, she had now become used to it.


“You may rise. You don’t have to be here tonight.” Ning Lianchen then walked through the entrance.


Without the Emperor’s permission, Fang Lingdang didn’t dare to enter the palace, and instead softly called to Ning Lianchen from the entrance.


Ning Lianchen stopped in his tracks, but waved his hand without turning around. “Go back and rest.”


“Your Majesty, what did this peasant woman do wrong?” Fang Lingdang was afraid that she had angered the Emperor. I have been following his instructions to come to the repose palace every day, as well as sleep on the couch in the outer chamber.


“This Emperor will dispatch someone to send you back to the Fang Residence after some time has passed.”


Fang Lingdang panicked, and immediately knelt down. “Your Majesty, if the Fang Residence welcomed this peasant woman, my father would have brought me there long ago. Please don’t chase this peasant woman away. I will just stay here quietly, and I promise that I definitely won’t disturb you.”


Ning Lianchen continued walking forward, no longer paying any attention to Fang Lingdang.


Fang Lingdang was terrified. She couldn’t understand what she had done wrong, but didn’t dare to leave either. She stood at the entrance of the palace for the entire night; by the time morning arrived, she was already close to collapsing from the cold when Ning Lianchen passed by her.


Her lips were parched, and her face was deathly pale. Looking at Ning Lianchen, she greeted, “Your Majesty.”


She was only able to get those two words out before she started to fall to the ground. The only reason she didn’t meet with an unfortunate accident was thanks to Ning Lianchen rushing forward to support her. He quickly turned to a nearby guard and gave an order. “Summon an imperial physician.”


The news of the Emperor carrying Imperial Physician Fang’s daughter into his repose palace while summoning an imperial physician soon spread throughout the whole imperial palace. A woman who is already getting her period suddenly needs an imperial physician... could she be pregnant?


The news naturally spread to Liu Yinyin’s repose palace, and although she was young, she knew what being pregnant would mean. How can His Majesty possibly send Fang Lingdang out of the palace when they are already family! Ultimately, I’m the only outsider; he and Fang Lingdang are truly family!




In contrast to the commotion in Nanzhao’s imperial palace, Beimin’s Prince Hao Residence was currently very quiet.


Pei Qianhao was handling matters of the army, and hadn’t returned to the residence last night. It would probably be the same for the next several days.


However, Wu Ling had remained in the Prince Hao Residence all this time. Naturally, Su Xi-er already understood why he, Prince Hao’s right-hand man, would be staying in the Prince Hao Residence.


Unfortunately for Ruo Yuan, Wu Ling’s constant appearances made her feel extremely awkward.


On the other hand, Wu Ling found Ruo Yuan’s behaviour strange. Am I a beast? Does she need to avoid me like that?


“Su Xi-er, do you feel that something is wrong with Ruo Yuan?” Hong Li asked Su Xi-er.


“I do.” Su Xi-er calmly replied and continued with her work.


“I feel that there’s something wrong with Commander Wu too.” Hong Li mused.


“Alright, that’s enough, you haven’t finished washing the vegetables even after the day is half gone.” Su Xi-er snatched her wash basin over and began washing the vegetables in Hong Li’s stead.


“Stop, your delicate hands will be waiting upon Prince Hao soon enough. How can you do manual labour?” Hong Li snatched the wash basin back.


Su Xi-er laughed. “Forget vegetables, I’ve even washed chamber pots before. My hands haven’t been delicate since a long time ago.”


Right as she finished speaking, they heard a familiar boy’s laughter.

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