“Ye Qingzhu, I’ll be going to sweep the main courtyard.” Su Xi-er then left her to her own devices.


Watching Su Xi-er’s retreating figure, Ye Qingzhu felt as if she had been enlightened as she pondered over the former’s words.


Passing by the main hall, Su Xi-er spotted Wu Ling standing to the side, as if he had been waiting for her.


“Commander Wu, what are you doing here instead of carrying out matters for Prince Hao?”


Wu Ling opened his mouth, but seemed to have suddenly become mute. My mission for the next few days is to watch over Su Xi-er in the residence.


Seeing Wu Ling standing there like a wooden block, Su Xi-er laughed. She no longer paid any heed to him and continued heading for the main courtyard.


Feng Changqing had already discerned Wu Ling’s true intentions for staying in the residence. Wu Ling will be keeping a close watch on Su Xi-er these few days, preventing me from getting close to her. It appears that Prince Hao already has his suspicions about me.


Beside him, Yu Xiao noticed Feng Changqing’s pensive look and purposely waved a hand in front of his face. “Big Brother Changqing, why do you keep dazedly staring at Commander Wu?”


Ever since he had come clean to Feng Changqing regarding the matter of his late elder brother, Yu Xiao had been calling him ‘Big Brother Changqing’ while acting extremely respectful. The person Big Brother was willing to protect with his life is definitely very amazing.


“What nonsense are you talking about? Don’t you feel that Commander Wu’s actions are very strange?” Feng Changqing remarked as he looked at Wu Ling.


Yu Xiao mulled over it. “It’s indeed rather strange. Someone like him is sitting around in the prince’s residence like a woman staying at home in her boudoir.”


“Perhaps it’s because Prince Hao ordered Commander Wu to monitor Su Xi-er.” Feng Changqing slowly surmised before turning to leave.


Yu Xiao immediately followed. “Is there a need to do so? Is he afraid that she’ll run away after he’s already brought her to the Prince Hao Residence?”


Feng Changqing had originally intended to inform Su Xi-er that her letter had been sent, and would be reaching Nanzhao by today. However, he realised that he wouldn’t be able to after seeing Wu Ling keeping a close eye out.


The Prince Hao Residence remained peaceful for the rest of the day, and by the time night had fallen, Ning Lianchen was receiving the letter in Nanzhao’s imperial palace.


Ning Lianchen was currently in Liu Yinyin’s courtyard. I don’t know what’s wrong with this little lass. She was previously sulking and spontaneously throwing a tantrum. Upon examining her, the imperial physician had claimed that she had excessive internal heat, which resulted in her irritability.


A 10-year-old girl has excessive internal heat? Isn’t she afraid of being laughed at if word of this gets out? Ning Lianchen chuckled at this and instructed the imperial physician not to spread this matter.


When Ning Lianchen learned who the letter he was holding was from, his expression became serious. He was just about to open it when Liu Yinyin suddenly walked up and tried to take the letter away.


Ning Lianchen’s expression became stern, and his imposing air unconsciously leaked out. Faced with this, Liu Yinyin was scared to the point that she flinched away, looking like someone had just wronged her.


“Yinyin, be obedient.” Ning Lianchen knew that he had frightened her, so he immediately stowed away his harsh expression and gently coaxed her.


Liu Yinyin didn’t reply, but turned to sit on a stool, her hand tapping the table.


When Ning Lianchen read the contents of the letter, his eyes instantly widened. Imperial Elder Sister is going to marry Prince Hao? That’s so fast. Did Prince Hao play some tricks? No, this won’t do, I have to find a way to make a trip to Beimin.


At this moment, a guard suddenly walked in and bowed before softly reporting, “Your Majesty, Qin Ling has already snuck into Beimin’s capital. Prince Yun is in his own residence.”


Ning Lianchen’s brows were furrowed, but relaxed when he heard the latter part of the guard’s report. “Got it. Continue to keep a guard on the Prince Yun Residence. You may withdraw.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The guard bowed and left.


After Ning Lianchen burned the letter, he was left to his thoughts until Liu Yinyin suddenly interrupted him. “If Your Majesty hates Prince Yun, why don’t you just kill him?”

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