The verbal edict was passed on. With her influence, everyone in the palace was aware that the Empress Dowager’s anger was related to Prince Hao. 


Pei Yaran had deliberately done all of this in a show of force.


The palace maids spread the news by word of mouth and in a short while, it gave rise to a hubbub about the matter. 


Su Xi-er was still eating lunch when she heard about it. Ruo Yuan still hasn’t come back today, while Prince Hao and the Empress Dowager are in conflict again.


Hong Li sat beside her and said softly, “The Empress Dowager’s actions have caused such a massive stir this time. Will Prince Hao give her face?”


Su Xi-er glanced at her. “I suppose it would depend on Prince Hao’s mood. If he’s in a good mood, he will go to the Compassionate Peace Palace. If he’s in a bad mood, no one can say for sure.”


“Right. Currently, Prince Hao’s power has already reached the point where he can cover the sky with one hand.” 


“Is that so? What about Commandery Prince Xie? What about those imperial princes?”


“Su Xi-er, I heard that Commandery Prince Xie is handsome and carries a refreshing aura of a scholar. A smile is always worn on his face. Even if he has a little power, his personality probably can’t compare to Prince Hao’s right? Among the imperial princes, only the Third Imperial Prince has been transferred back to the imperial palace. As for the others, I don’t know which remote corner they’re staying at, nor are they even able to free themselves to change their fortune.”


Su Xi-er didn’t respond. A smile always worn on his face? He’s probably a smiling tiger, a wicked man with a superficial smile right? Liu Ye-er had been reduced to such a state for him, but he didn’t ask about her at all. This kind of man definitely has vicious thoughts.


“Oh, by the way, I still haven’t told you yet.” Hong Li suddenly smiled mysteriously before her face blushed red. “Beimin, the three great handsome men…” Before she could finish, she was cut off by Su Xi-er, “Prince Hao, Commandery Prince Xie and the Third Imperial Prince.”


“Hey, can you talk nicely? You’re always so smart, it’s really not good.” Hong Li pouted, expressing her dissatisfaction.


“Mhm, then I’ll speak nicely. Who are the three great beauties?” Su Xi-er followed along.


Hong Li became mysterious once again. “Beimin’s three great beauties are the Empress Dowager, the concubine-born daughter of a Court of Judicial Review Official, and Commandery Prince Xie’s only younger sister.”


“However…” At this point, Hong Li’s eyes shone. The expression on her face became increasingly mysterious as she lowered her voice. Afraid that others would hear, she leaned close to Su Xi-er’s ear and continued.


“However, I heard that the number one beauty in this world is in Nanzhao. It is Nanzhao’s Eldest Princess, who has unfortunately passed away, Ning Rulan.”


When Su Xi-er heard the words ‘Ning Rulan’, her face darkened. How long has it been since I have heard my real name?


Hong Li noticed that Su Xi-er didn’t respond and thought that she didn’t believe her. “Jeez, everyone in the world knows. We palace maids of the Palace Side Quarters all know. Back then, everyone was extremely envious of her. She was beautiful, adept at ruling the country, and could even lead a military expedition to the battlefield!”


Su Xi-er chuckled. “So what? Wasn’t she still killed by someone in the end?”


Hong Li sighed. “Exactly. She was killed by General Yun. Don’t you think she must have been very broken-hearted? I was wondering though, if Nanzhao had wanted to form a marriage alliance with Beimin, who would Ning Rulan have chosen? Prince Hao?”


In a split second, that domineering appearance of Pei Qianhao flashed across Su Xi-er’s mind.


Finally, Su Xi-er said, “Don’t talk about it anymore. There’s no point in discussing a dead woman any longer.”


Hong Li saw that she had a grave expression and immediately shut her mouth.


After eating her lunch, Su Xi-er was not in a hurry to return to her room.


“Hong Li, take a guess, which palace was the imperial guards who took Ruo Yuan away from?”


“I don’t know too. Ruo Yuan is very nondescript and inconspicuous. Her most noticeable characteristic is that she’s fat and does a lot of work. Who would know who she had offended?”


Su Xi-er looked at the southwest direction and hoped that Ruo Yuan would come back quickly. I don’t know when Pei Qianhao will fulfil his promise. Luckily, I also informed Situ Li last night.


At this moment, Hong Li patted her shoulder. “Su Xi-er, I am going to work. Go and rest. I will call you when it’s time for dinner.”


“Mhm, go on.”


Hong Li had just left when Su Xi-er spotted Miss Qing walking over haughtily.


However, Su Xi-er didn’t expect that as soon as Miss Qing stopped in front of her, the latter would raise her hand, looking like she was prepared to hit her.


Su Xi-er raised her hand to block Miss Qing’s hand. “Miss Qing, you’re hitting someone as soon as you come to the Palace Side Quarters. That’s not good, right?”


Miss Qing snorted coldly and tugged her hand free from Su Xi-er’s grasp. At the same time, she agilely walked closer to Su Xi-er and stuffed a note into her hands, remarking ,“You are really capable, making Elder Brother work for you multiple times.”


Elder Brother Wu is Imperial Bodyguard Wu, the personal guard beside Prince Hao.


This means that there is news about Ruo Yuan!

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