Su Xi-er didn’t understand Pei Qianhao’s thoughts or methods at all. Concluding that normal people would never be able to understand him, she stopped thinking about it.


If I really think too seriously about it, I’ll just get a headache.


Afterwards, she dragged the bamboo board back to the wooden cabin at the southwest side by herself. When she returned to the side of the well, Situ Li was already gone, a white porcelain bottle being left in its place.


Su Xi-er bent down to pick it up and placed it into her sleeve. The children of the imperial household have a type of arrogance. If they have bestowed you something and you don’t want it, they will throw it away.


It’s such a great medicinal powder. What a waste if it’s thrown away.


With the bottle of medicinal powder in her clothes, Su Xi-er returned to her room. After she freshened herself up slightly, she went to bed and slept.


I compensated with a kiss today. Hopefully Prince Hao will tell me where Ruo Yuan is tomorrow. Besides, the Third Imperial Prince will also investigate.




The next day, 7am, Compassionate Peace Palace


Pei Yaran rose early and ate breakfast with He Ying waiting upon her.


“What did Old Maidservant Liu say?” Pei Yaran took the handkerchief to wipe her mouth and asked with a solemn expression.


He Ying replied softly, “Old Maidservant Liu is older than Old Maidservant Zhao and has experienced many vicissitudes of life and turbulent times. She didn’t take your instructions to heart at all, Empress Dowager. She only said…” At this point, He Ying stopped and observed the Empress Dowager’s expression carefully.


Pei Yaran’s expression darkened. “What did she say?”


“She only said that you are still too young. Su Xi-er didn’t commit any crime, so deliberately punishing her is not in accordance with the palace rules.”


Immediately, Pei Yaran raised her fair hand and smacked the table ferociously. A red mark instantly appeared on her wrist.


He Ying got anxious. “Empress Dowager, please don’t be angry. We can use other methods to punish Su Xi-er. Naturally, Old Maidservant Liu is also included.”


Pei Yaran spoke with ire, “Old Maidservant Zhao is already dead, and Old Maidservant Liu can go along with her. To put it bluntly, she’s just a servant who has always served her master. Moreover, she’s a servant that has aged!”


“Empress Dowager, your body is delicate and precious. It’s not worthwhile for you to be furious over such a person. If you want to punish Su Xi-er, it’s very simple. Just directly order someone to secretly…” He Ying’s voice became increasingly softer until finally, she was speaking into Pei Yaran’s ear.


“This...won’t do. If Prince Hao finds out about it, he would say that I’m abusing my power.” Pei Yaran bit her lips and shook her head.


This appearance of hers made people involuntarily recall that she was still eighteen years old; currently in the prime of her youth.


He Ying saw that the Empress Dowager was still hesitating so she informed her, “Prince Hao punished Old Maidservant Zhao with the planks until she died for Su Xi-er’s sake.”


“What!” Pei Yaran’s voice couldn’t refrain her voice from becoming loud. Old Maidservant Zhao actually died like that. Why didn’t He Ying tell me earlier?


“Empress Dowager, this servant was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to endure this piece of news. Prince Hao has passed the marriageable age, and is full of vitality and vigour. If Su Xi-er has the intention to seduce him, the consequences are unimaginable.”

Pei Yaran stood up immediately, her countenance vicious. “I absolutely can’t let such a thing happen. Convey my verbal edict, summon Prince Hao to the palace.” Although he is my elder brother, I am the Empress Dowager of the nation, while he is a subject. On the surface, his position is not as high as mine. Of course, this would have to depend on whether Pei Qianhao is willing to put on a show.

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