“Looking at your expression, it appears that you actually do harbour such thoughts? Why don’t you look at yourself? Look at what status you have; can you match up to Commander Wu?” Ye Qingzhu’s gaze was sharp, and her tone frigid.


Every word was like a needle piercing Ruo Yuan’s heart. A lowly status. A hideous appearance and figure. How can I have the face to continue living in this world? The scenes of her being jeered at when she was a palace maid in the Palace Side Quarters flashed through her mind.


Ruo Yuan pursed her lips and tightly clenched her fists, raising her head to look at Ye Qingzhu. Yet, despite the emotions welling up within her, she wasn’t able to say a word.


“What, you can’t say anything now that you’ve been found out? Commander Wu and I have known each other for many years, but how long have you known him? Let me tell you something. Stay away from Commander Wu. If you let me hear anything about you again, I will definitely not spare you!” Ye Qingzhu yelled out as she raised her hand, preparing to aim it at Ruo Yuan’s face.


Hong Li panicked, starting to dash over before Su Xi-er grabbed her wrist.


“Don’t stop me. Ruo Yuan is going to get hit.”


“Don’t worry, Ye Qingzhu won’t hit her.” Su Xi-er calmly stated as she let go of Hong Li.


As expected, when Ye Qingzhu’s hand was about to touch Ruo Yuan’s cheeks, she paused. “I’m not an unreasonable person. I will only deal with you when you have truly provoked me. You should know my bottom line very well, right?”


Ruo Yuan stared at Ye Qingzhu with widened eyes and finally managed to reply, “I entered the palace at a very young age, and have done manual labour in the Palace Side Quarters ever since. This appearance and figure are because I had no choice but to eat if I wanted to have enough strength to work. However, that doesn’t mean that it’ll be the same in the future. Miss Qing, I only have admiration for Commander Wu, and not the feelings between a man and woman. Besides, you have you said it yourself, my status is unable to match up to his.”


This time, she didn’t address herself as ‘this servant’, but as ‘I’.


Su Xi-er was impressed by her response. I didn’t intervene precisely because I wanted to see how Ruo Yuan would handle this. Hong Li gradually understood Su Xi-er’s intentions. When she heard Ruo Yuan’s words, she felt a little moved.


Ye Qingzhu looked at Ruo Yuan. “It’s best if you can think that way. Remember, Commander Wu is mine.”


As soon as she said that, a male voice suddenly rang out. “Ye Qingzhu, are you done making a scene?”


Hearing Wu Ling’s voice, a delighted smile appeared on Ye Qingzhu’s expression as she immediately turned around and sweetly called, “Big Brother Wu.”


Wu Ling felt a splitting headache coming on. Didn’t Prince Hao say that he had already helped me settle this matter? Why is it getting even worse now?!


At this moment, Ye Qingzhu walked to Wu Ling and softly told him, “I was a little worried at first, but hearing Prince Hao’s words, I have decided that I will always follow you wherever you go. It’s your business if you don’t want me, but that isn’t the same for me. You can’t control everything I do, so don’t think of throwing me far away.”


Wu Ling was totally dumbfounded. This is the result of Prince Hao handling this matter? I pulled an all-nighter to deal with Qin Ling and his subordinates, and Prince Hao said that he had handled Ye Qingzhu. However, what kind of solution is this? He completely played along with her!


I shouldn’t have trusted Prince Hao. I should have asked Su Xi-er to help me solve this issue.


“Prince Hao said that I have to fight for whatever I like.” Ye Qingzhu winked and sweetly smiled.


Wu Ling sighed. With the kind of person that Prince Hao is, I should have known. He will fight for what he likes, and nobody will dare say no!


“Ye Qingzhu, you should understand that I’m avoiding you because I don’t like you. There are some things that can’t be forced.”


“It’s fine as long as I like you. It’s very tiring to like a person, and I can’t bear to have you be tired.” Ye Qingzhu scooted closer to Wu Ling and pulled his arm.


Watching this scene, Ruo Yuan felt a very uncomfortable feeling in her heart. Miss Qing is a beautiful woman, while Commander Wu is a talented man. They are simply a match made in heaven.


Gradually, Ruo Yuan could no longer continue watching, and she turned to leave the scene behind her.

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