Wu Ling was taken aback. A man like me is to stay put in the residence? Isn’t that something only a young lady would do? Did Prince Hao make a mistake?


Seeing Wu Ling’s baffled expression, Pei Qianhao continued. “Watch over Su Xi-er and make sure she doesn’t leave the residence. If you can’t do the job right, your position of commander will be rescinded.”


Wu Ling widened his eyes. I won’t need to do anything except stay in the Prince Hao Residence and make sure Su Xi-er doesn’t leave the residence. Isn’t this… using a sledgehammer to crack a nut? Prince Hao, can you give me another job instead?


Unfortunately for him, Pei Qianhao didn’t spare him another glance before walking out of the teahouse.


Wu Ling was dumbstruck for a while before finally returning to his senses. After heaving a long sigh and forcing himself to accept reality, he swiftly headed to the Prince Hao Residence.


Between dealing with the situation in the army barracks and sussing out the imperial guards of Nanzhao that had infiltrated the capital, Pei Qianhao had suddenly become extremely busy. With Su Xi-er’s position in Pei Qianhao’s heart rising by the day, he would only rest assured if he sent his trusted confidante, Wu Ling, to guard her.


When Wu Ling entered the Prince Hao Residence, the guards under him came forth to report. “Commander Wu, Miss Qing came and is quarrelling with Miss Ruo Yuan in the backyard.”


Hearing the words ‘Miss Qing’ instantly gave Wu Ling a headache. To think that she would barge into the Prince Hao Residence and even begin arguing with Ruo Yuan.


“Commander Wu, is there something going on between you and Ruo Yuan?” Unable to contain his curiosity, Wu Ling’s subordinate mustered up his courage to ask.


Wu Ling looked at him with a harsh gaze. “Where did you hear that from? Are you now listening to baseless rumours?” He then headed straight for the backyard, the image of Ye Qingzhu’s furious appearance emerging in his mind.


If I don’t handle this matter well, it’s going to cause me lots of problems in the future!


As the guard watched Wu Ling’s departing figure, his face was full of confusion. That’s strange, if there isn’t anything going on with Ruo Yuan, why has Miss Qing come to look for Ruo Yuan and make trouble? Even stranger still, when did Commander Wu start his own romance story?


In the backyard, Ye Qingzhu was sizing up Ruo Yuan. There are only two words that can describe her: fat and round! I thought that she would be a breathtaking beauty, but never expected this. Did Brother Wu lose his mind to start something with this fat woman?


Hong Li was getting anxious. We can’t offend Miss Qing, but it’s clear that she’s here to make trouble. Everyone in the palace knows that the arrogant Miss Qing is not an easy opponent. Even Miss He, who had served the Empress Dowager, had no idea what to do against Miss Qing.


But I can’t just be worried and do nothing. Hong Li looked towards Su Xi-er and saw the latter calmly observing, as if the matter didn’t concern her at all.


Hong Li immediately tugged at Su Xi-er’s sleeve. “Quickly go up and mediate. Why is Miss Qing looking at Ruo Yuan so angrily?”


Su Xi-er patted her hand to reassure her. “Don’t panic and just watch. Nothing will happen.”


“Ah? Watch by the side? How can that do?” Hong Li looked at Ruo Yuan in concern, wishing that she could go up and pull Ruo Yuan away.


Ye Qingzhu’s eyes were filled with puzzlement. “What’s your relationship with Commander Wu?”


Ruo Yuan was already nervous, and hearing such a question from Ye Qingzhu only served to make her heart palpitate more wildly in fear of the latter finding out her feelings. “There’s no relationship between this servant and Commander Wu. Please don’t misunderstand, Miss Qing.”


“Misunderstand? Rumours have to come from somewhere. I heard that you keep pestering Commander Wu, and that you admire him very much?” Ye Qingzhu approached step by step, the mockery in her eyes becoming more intense.


Ruo Yuan was so frightened that she retreated a few steps back. Did I get found out? I have only told Hong Li and Su Xi-er. Who exactly did Miss Qing hear that from?

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