Su Xi-er played with the teacup in her hand, appearing indifferent. “Commandery Prince Xie, you seem to be getting something confused. You didn’t have a chance in the past, and the same still holds true.”


With a placid expression, Xie Yun sat down opposite of her and asked in a provocative tone, “This Prince wants to hear, why do I not have any chance of success?”


“If you did, you wouldn’t be as desperate as to try attacking this servant. Attacking a woman like this is usually a tactic of last resort.” Su Xi-er responded in a relaxed manner, the composure she exuded completely unfit for a palace maid.


Xie Yun had always been puzzled by Su Xi-er from the moment he knew of her existence. This kind of woman shouldn’t be a palace maid. Even an imperial princess would rarely show such an imposing disposition that even I don’t dare to belittle.


However, would someone like this take the blame for He Xiangyu? For someone whose only strength was her youth, I fail to see how He Xiangyu would be worth befriending for someone like Su Xi-er.


“How do you know that attacking women is this Prince’s last resort? What if this is my first option?” Xie Yun raised his eyebrow and pensively looked at Su Xi-er.


“It was a conjecture on this servant’s part, but now I can see that you really do want to try to make a move on a woman, Commandery Prince Xie.” Naturally, the ‘woman’ she was referring to was herself.


“The title of Princess Consort Hao carries a lot of weight along with being Prince Hao’s wife. It also involves every influential clan in Beimin, as well as the Imperial Household. Su Xi-er, you should know that your appearance has thrown a wrench into the plans of numerous people. If all you want is status, this Prince can also give it to you if you would like to become Commandery Princess Consort. How about it?” Xie Yun’s eyes gleamed brightly, intent on making a deal.


Su Xi-er furrowed her brows, but before she could reply, the door to the private room was pushed open and accompanied by a low and husky male voice. “Commandery Prince Xie, have you ever seen someone exchanging gold for silver?” A tall figure entered the room, and it was none other than Pei Qianhao.


Xie Yun understood the overtone in Pei Qianhao’s words. To compare the titles of Princess Consort Hao and Commandery Princess Consort to gold and silver...


“Prince Hao, it’s such a coincidence. Why not take a seat?” Xie Yun gestured to the empty seats beside them.


Su Xi-er stood up from her chair and walked over to Pei Qianhao. “This servant pays her respects to Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao softly replied, “Were you paying attention to what this Prince told you before I left the residence?”


“This servant came out to settle some matters.”


“Regarding this Prince and Commandery Princess Xie’s engagement?”


Su Xi-er raised her head to look at him. “Yes, that’s right.”


“This Prince will resolve this matter; you just have to listen to me and return to the Prince Hao Residence for now. This Prince has something to say to Commandery Prince Xie” Pei Qianhao waved his hand for the guard to take her away.


People like Pei Qianhao are used to dealing with matters like this, and instead of finding it helpful, they would feel someone forcefully interfering to be annoying.


I didn’t understand this back when I was Ning Rulan. I have never considered the feelings of men, but I have learned to care about Pei Qianhao’s feelings now.


If I continue to insist on intervening, he would see it as a sign of my lack of trust in him, his ability, and his love for me.


Hence, Su Xi-er didn’t stay behind, but chose to follow the guard out of the private room.


Inside the room, Xie Yun laughed. “Su Xi-er was ice cold in front of this Prince, but behaved so nicely for you, Prince Hao.”


“You sent a letter to Pei Zheng and met up with him.” Pei Qianhao calmly stated as he sat down and stared at Xie Yun.

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