Their eyes met, and Xie Liuli was slightly stunned. This woman seems to be younger than me. Although she does look pretty, Prince Hao wouldn’t be so attracted just by her appearance if she doesn’t have other qualities.


“Commandery Princess, please have a seat.” Su Xi-er stood up and gestured at Xie Liuli.


Xie Liuli nodded, lowering herself into one of the chairs into the room while looking Su Xi-er over. “I know what you want to talk to me about.”


Prince Hao had also looked for me to discuss the same subject. I’m not so unreasonable that I would cling to someone who doesn’t like me.


But right now, she intentionally showed an ambiguous attitude to put the woman in front of her in a difficult spot. She wanted to know what the woman Prince Hao fancied was like.


Su Xi-er picked up the teapot and poured a cup of tea for Xie Liuli. “You and Prince Hao were engaged many years ago, and Prince Hao has long come of age. If he wanted to abide by the agreement between your families, why would he have waited until now?”


“You already know about the engagement between the Pei and Xie families.” Xie Liuli’s gaze grew more suspicious. Any normal woman would at least be unsettled by such a thing, but she seems to be completely fine with it.


Su Xi-er nodded and laughed. “Commandery Princess, if I am right, you have already agreed to throw away the engagement. The problem now must be if Commandery Prince Xie is also willing to do so.”


Scepticism receded from Xie Liuli’s eyes, supplanted by incredulity. How did she know that I have already let it go? And how did she know that Elder Brother is the one who’s insisting on the marriage?


Without waiting for Xie Liuli to reply, Su Xi-er continued. “How can Prince Hao be so easily controlled? I’m afraid that your elder brother will only be harming you if he insists on this marriage.”


“How should I put this? My brother treats me very well; he wouldn’t harm me.”


“Of course he wouldn’t intentionally do you any harm. However, when this news spreads to the commoners, the only thought in their minds will be that Commandery Princess Xie is relentlessly clinging to Prince Hao.”


Xie Liuli began to muse over it for a long while. “I understand what you mean. The changes between the relationship of our families has completely changed, taking the dated marriage agreement along with it. Besides, I have always stayed in my boudoir, and hardly go out; the number of times I have seen Prince Hao can be counted on one hand.”


“I admire Commandery Prince Xie for being an extremely resourceful person. Similarly, you are also not simple, and much wiser than your years, Commandery Princess.” Su Xi-er faintly smiled. Xie Liuli and Pei Yaran may be of the same age, but their thoughts are entirely different.


Xie Liuli raised her teacup. “I can’t drink, so let me offer a toast to you with tea in place of wine today, Miss.”


Su Xi-er picked up her teacup and smiled in response, taking a sip.


“If I were not the Commandery Princess and surnamed Xie, perhaps you and I could have been friends.” Xie Liuli wryly smiled.


Right as she spoke, however, a clear male voice interjected. “Miss Xi-er, what great tactics you have to invite this Prince’s younger sister here.”


Xie Liuli instantly got up from her chair. “Elder Brother.”


Xie Yun waved his hand and instructed a guard. “Send the Commandery Princess back to the residence and don’t allow her to come out.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The guard then walked to Xie Liuli’s side and gestured for her to leave.


Xie Liuli tightly pursed her lips. “Elder Brother, don’t make things difficult for her.”


“She’s currently Prince Hao’s favourite. Why would this Prince do that?”


Xie Liuli glanced at Su Xi-er before walking out of the private room with the guard.


“Prince Hao has been at the army barracks for several days. Was it because of your meddling?” Su Xi-er’s smile faded away as her expression became solemn.


“Miss Xi-er, although you’re a palace maid, your thoughts run deeper than a strategist’s.”


“I don’t dare to accept the compliment, but I must ask you: What are your odds of success if you go against Prince Hao? The best result would be that both parties suffer a loss.”


Faced with Su Xi-er’s provocation, Xie Yun smiled. “I didn’t have any chances of winning, but now I do.”


His gaze landed on Su Xi-er. Pei Qianhao was nearly omnipotent in the past, but now he has a kryptonite. Should I thank Su Xi-er?


At this thought, the corners of Xie Yun’s mouth curled into a smile.

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