“I was just casually asking. I don’t plan on inviting anyone.” Su Xi-er smilingly replied, afraid that she would rouse his suspicion. 


The corners of Pei Qianhao’s mouth were suddenly curled up. “It’s indeed not appropriate for this Prince to invite envoys from other nations, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. If you want it to be a grand procession, this Prince will follow your wishes.”


Su Xi-er looked at him in surprise. I didn’t expect him to agree. Isn’t he afraid that the people will think that he’s plotting to seize the throne?


“This Prince will specially invite Nanzhao’s emperor.” He naturally had his own reasons for doing so. This way, I’ll be able to nip any thoughts Nanzhao’s emperor may have in the bud. 


As expected, Pei Qianhao had hit the nail on the head. Even if there seems to be some other reason behind his invitation, I’ll be happy as long as Lianchen can come.


The only remaining family I have in this world must come.


“Prince Hao, when will the wedding be held? You don’t have to invite this servant’s so-called maiden family members.”


The original Su Xi-er had entered the imperial palace at such a young age that her relatives probably don’t remember her anymore. Why do we need to look for them?


“Since you have no maiden family, the betrothal gifts will simply be placed in the Prince Hao Residence. As for when the wedding will be announced, the Winter Solstice Banquet will be here in a few days. While everybody already knows that you are with this Prince, I will formally announce it then.”


After observing her expression for a while, he finally finished his statement. “This Prince will be making a trip to the army barracks.” 


Su Xi-er nodded, not forgetting to remind him, “Don’t drink wine.”


“Controlling this Prince?” Pei Qianhao raised his eyebrow, but his tone remained gentle.


“You were inebriated last night, and your whole body reeked of alcohol.”


“This Prince won’t drink this time. Stay in the residence and don’t run around.” Pei Qianhao lightly patted Su Xi-er’s head before exiting the main courtyard.


Su Xi-er entered her own room and tidied things up before going to the kitchen for breakfast.


Ruo Yuan rubbed her own round stomach. “I am going to find some manual work to do in the backyard later, or else I’ll get fat again.”


“That’s a good idea; I’m also planning to find a broom and do a bit of sweeping.” Hong Li propped her chin up.


Su Xi-er placed her bowl and chopsticks down. “The two of you can wash the bowls first. I’ll look for you later.”


Ruo Yuan and Hong Li nodded. Although they didn’t know where she was going, they didn’t question her.


Su Xi-er went to the entrance of the Prince Hao Residence, where the guards began to say that she wasn’t allowed out. In the end, however, she used the excuse that Pei Qianhao had asked her to buy something, and was allowed to leave as long as she returned within a few hours.


She started heading towards a teahouse once she made it out onto the street. Su Xi-er had arranged to meet with Xie Liuli at this teahouse through the letter that Feng Changqing had delivered. She’ll come if she wants to resolve this matter.


In a private room on the second floor of the teahouse, Su Xi-er ordered a few dishes and tea before settling down to wait.


During that time, she saw Qin Ling walking on the streets. Isn’t he scared of being discovered while walking around in such an open manner?


Qin Ling was pacing about. Prince Yun had ordered for everyone to retreat from the capital, and that he would soon personally arrive in Beimin to bring Su Xi-er back.


This order was fine, but the problem was that several of his subordinates had gone missing. Even after ordering some others to investigate, he had yet to receive any news.


Unbeknownst to him, each one of his actions had been caught by Su Xi-er.


Only once Xie Liuli appeared did Su Xi-er retract her gaze.

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