“Miss Xi-er.” Yu Xiao greeted. His usually jovial manner was now replaced by a solemn expression.


“What’s wrong?” Su Xi-er asked. Yu Xiao hardly ever looks so serious.


“Feng Changqing is loyal to the previous Eldest Imperial Princess, and my elder brother died blocking an arrow for him. For him to now follow you... What is your relationship with Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Rulan?”


Su Xi-er stared at him. As expected, most normal people would expect that I am related to Ning Rulan, not her reincarnation.


“I admire Ning Rulan, that’s all.”


Yu Xiao clearly didn’t buy it. “Many people worship Ning Rulan. Must Feng Changqing help every single one of them then? There must be a deeper relation; the only question is what that entails. You are very mysterious.”


“There are some things that I keep from you in order to protect you; all you need to know is that I wouldn’t harm you.”


“I have long resolved to follow you, regardless of your identity. Nevertheless, I do have a request now that I know that you were related to Ning Rulan.” Yu Xiao knelt down at this point.


Su Xi-er let him do so and said, “Just get to the point.”


“My elder brother was shot to death by Yun Ruofeng’s subordinate, Wei Mohai. Although Wei Mohai has died, the true perpetrator is Yun Ruofeng. There is no doubt that you plan to exact revenge for her; all I ask is that Prince Yun dies by my hands.”


Su Xi-er’s expression was slightly stiff. Looking at the kneeling Yu Xiao, her deep-seated hatred began to rise up.


“Please allow that.” Yu Xiao raised his head, his eyes full of earnestness.


Su Xi-er raised her hand for him to rise. “Prince Yun has committed absolutely heinous and atrocious crimes. He should have long prepared to die. I promise you, you can decide how he will die.”


Yu Xiao stood up. “Many thanks, Miss Xi-er. I want him to die by the Heart-Penetrating Arrow.”


“You know how to fire the Heart-Penetrating Arrow?”


Yu Xiao shook his head. “My archery skills are inadequate; I can’t shoot with great precision. However, I can fire three arrows at once when at close distance. At least one of them will lodge itself in his heart.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “I can understand that your hatred of Prince Yun is great, but we can’t act in haste. Return to your room for now and rest.”


“Alright.” Yu Xiao turned around and headed for his own room.


Watching Yu Xiao’s departing figure, Su Xi-er’s gaze became deep. He simply wants to take revenge for his elder brother. He didn’t even pressure me about why I would know Ning Rulan. If it had been someone more meticulous, their thoughts would definitely have gone in another direction.


I’ll instruct Feng Changqing to be more cautious when handling matters from now on, so that we avoid arousing others’ suspicions. No one in Beimin must learn that I am Ning Rulan. Even if it’s Pei Qianhao, I can’t let him find out for now.


Having made up her mind, Su Xi-er continued walking to the backyard and spent the night in one of the rooms there.


The next morning, Su Xi-er woke up and freshened herself up before heading straight for the main courtyard. Opening the door, she didn’t see Pei Qianhao. Did he go to the imperial palace so early today?


Just as she was about to turn around, she heard a deep voice from behind her. “Where did you sleep last night?”


Su Xi-er turned to find Pei Qianhao and faintly smiled. “This servant went to the backyard.”


“The main courtyard is where you stay. Who allowed you to sleep in the backyard?”


Hearing the displeasure in his tone, she walked forward. “Prince Hao, you haven’t married this servant yet.”


“You’ll only stay here after we’re married?”


“Mmm, I can only openly stay here after we’re married.”


“If that’s the case, this Prince has to quickly instruct the Ministry of Rites to pick an auspicious date.”


“Prince Hao, do you want to invite envoys from other countries to your wedding?” Su Xi-er asked. If he does, Lianchen wouldn’t need an excuse to visit.


Customarily, other countries would only send envoys to congratulate the Emperor and Empress on their marriage. Doing the same for a Prince Regent would be a violation of etiquette.


“Su Xi-er, who do you want to invite?” Pei Qianhao didn’t directly refuse her, choosing instead to test the waters.

That said, he already had an answer in his heart. Nanzhao’s little Emperor.

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