Su Xi-er’s hands were grasped very tightly. Even asleep, he acts overbearingly. In the end, she lifted her other hand and set it on top of his. “No one will snatch me from you. Don’t worry.”


Gradually, Pei Qianhao loosened his grip. So, it appears that he was talking in his sleep. Still, thinking about me even when he’s asleep... it’s nice to know that he really cherishes me.


Su Xi-er gave him one final glance before walking out of the room.


As she closed the door behind her, she heard some rustling sounds in the nearby undergrowth. A moment later, Feng Changqing appeared. He had been intending to inform her about the matter of Xie Liuli, but was now hesitant after watching her come out of Pei Qianhao’s room.


Discerning that there was something weighing on Feng Changqing’s heart, Su Xi-er encouraged, “Just say what you want. You are bad at masking your thoughts.”


“This matter is related to Prince Hao. When this subordinate went out today, I saw Prince Hao secretly meeting with Commandery Princess Xie.” Feng Changqing reported while observing Su Xi-er’s expression.


The only sister of Commandery Prince Xie is Xie Liuli. Thus, Pei Qianhao secretly met with Xie Liuli today, coming back while reeking of alcohol.


Su Xi-er mused over it for a while. “I will go to the study to write two letters. One of them is to be sent to Lianchen. As for the other, I’ll need you to infiltrate the Commandery Prince Residence and deliver it to Commandery Princess Xie.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” Feng Changqing nodded, and followed Su Xi-er to the study.


Although she wasn’t completely familiar with the Prince Hao Residence yet, she had still managed to grasp the layout of the more important rooms after wandering around it for an entire day.The main courtyard has a main room and side room. The former is where Prince Hao resides, while the side room is for Princess Consort Hao. Besides the main courtyard that houses the study, there are also several lesser side courtyards where secondary consorts and concubines would stay.


Of course, based on Pei Qianhao’s personality, those side courtyards are probably just for decoration. Otherwise, why would he still need to establish the Beauty Palace? The Prince Hao Residence is enormous enough to accommodate 72 beauties all on its own.


Su Xi-er entered the study and quickly finished writing the two letters before handing them to Feng Changqing. Slipping them into his sleeve, he quickly departed to fulfil his orders. Efficient as ever, he soon handed the letter meant for Ning Lianchen to one of his trusted subordinates before heading to the Commandery Prince Residence on his own.


Before he could sneak in, however, he heard a man’s voice calling out to him from behind.


“I knew since the moment we met that you weren’t a simple flower grower. Feng Changqing, have you always been Su Xi-er’s subordinate?” It was Yu Xiao!


“You don’t have to care about this.”


Yu Xiao was unrelenting. “You are from Nanzhao, while Su Xi-er is from Beimin. How is it possible for you to have been her subordinate for a long time? You may not know who I am, but after my observation for the past few days, I know who you are!”


Yu Xiao’s countenance was now solemn. He suddenly scooted close to Feng Changqing and muttered a few words.


Hearing those words, Feng Changqing’s pupils constricted. Yu Xiao is actually…


“Although we weren’t biological brothers, he was better than one, and we came from the same village. Feng Changqing, my elder brother revered you, even going as far as to die trying to block an arrow that was meant for you.”


Memories flooded into Feng Changqing’s mind like a torrent until he clenched his fists and snapped out of it. Finally, he turned to Yu Xiao and said, “I have an important business to handle right now. We’ll talk about this again in the future.”


Feng Changqing then leapt, instantly flipping himself over the Commandery Prince Residence’s walls.

Yu Xiao began ruminating. Perhaps it’d be better to directly ask Su Xi-er. With that idea in mind, he headed straight for the Prince Hao Residence. By the time he arrived, he just happened to find Su Xi-er walking towards the backyard where Ruo Yuan and Hong Li stayed.

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