“The possibility is almost zero. Since this was caused by the medicinal powder, you should look for the person who made this. Maybe that person would have a better idea. Empress Dowager, this humble subject is incapable.” Imperial Physician Zhao apologetically saluted with his hands held out in front of him.


Pei Yaran waved her hand. “Imperial Physician Zhao, you may return to the Imperial Physician Institute, but don’t spread this around.”


“This humble subject obeys the order.” Imperial Physician Zhao bowed again before picking up his medical box and walking out of the Compassionate Peace Palace.


Pei Anru’s gaze darkened, and she finally stood up. “I’ll go and look for that physician who made the medicinal powder. She must have a way since she’s from the Mei Family!”


“Guards, come and send Young Miss Pei back.” Pei Yaran gave a quick order. If I allow her to return alone, wouldn’t she frighten all the palace servants along the way?


After Pei Anru left, Pei Yaran sat on the upper seat as she ruminated. Who on earth did it? Su Xi-er isn’t in the imperial palace, so she definitely can’t be the attacker!


At this moment, the man in black walked in and spoke with an indifferent tone. “Pei Anru can’t be kept.”


Those few simple words instantly enlightened Pei Yaran. So the attacker was actually him!


“Why? She’s a member of the Pei Family. No matter how much I dislike her, I can’t make such a ruthless move.”


A glint flashed past in the man’s eyes. “It’s precisely because she’s from the Pei Family that we have to attack her.”


Pei Yaran’s slender eyebrows were slightly scrunched up. “What do you mean by that?”


“Pei Anru herself can’t amount to anything much. It is only because she is the only other option that Pei Zheng has that she holds any importance. You are angry that he treats you like a pawn, but now that Pei Anru is disfigured, you are his only choice. With Pei Qianhao growing further and further out of his control, he won’t dare to go against you. In essence, you will be the one making decisions for the Pei Family.”


Pei Yaran’s eyebrows gradually relaxed. He’s right. By controlling the Pei Residence and Imperial Harem, I can at least put up a fight against Pei Qianhao.


“This Empress Dowager understands.”


“Empress Dowager, you should visit the Pei Residence tonight. Commandery Prince Xie seems to have already sent someone, though it is uncertain whether he’s sent a letter, or a verbal edict.” The man in black turned and left, vanishing into the darkness of the night.


Pei Yaran tightly clenched her fists. Bringing this piece of news can be considered him helping me, but what is his true goal?


I don’t have the luxury to worry about that right now. First, I must make a trip to the Pei Residence.


Pei Yaran immediately boarded a horse carriage and left the palace, heading straight for the Pei Residence. When she arrived, she found Xie Yun on his way out.


Xie Yun recognised the Empress Dowager’s horse carriage, and went up ahead to bow with his hands put out in front of him. “Empress Dowager, for you to come to the Pei Residence so late at night… Did something happen in the palace?”


Pei Yaran walked down from the horse carriage and laughed with mockery. “It is as you say Commandery Prince Xie, it’s already quite late. The one who should be asking that question is this Empress Dowager.”


“You don’t have to be curious, Empress Dowager. This Prince came here to speak with Lord Pei regarding the engagement between the Pei and Xie families many years ago. You probably didn’t know about this matter.”


Pei Yaran’s gaze darkened. Engagement… Pei Qianhao and Xie Liuli? It was so long ago, but Xie Yun still remembers!


“Lord Pei has already agreed. This Prince hopes that you won’t interfere, otherwise...” Xie Yun suddenly approached her and whispered beside her ear.


Pei Yaran had yet to recover from her shock as she watched Xie Yun getting into his horse carriage and leaving.


He appears to be gentle, but is actually so frightening. He actually dared to threaten me!


Following Xie Yun’s departure, the Pei Residence’s family servant immediately came forward to greet Pei Yaran. “Empress Dowager, please enter the residence. It’s cold outside, and you should be careful of becoming ill.”


In the residence, Pei Zheng had made his way to Pei Anru’s boudoir after seeing Xie Yun off. However, he was shocked upon seeing her appearance, his expression becoming solemn.


It looks like we can only cooperate with Commandery Prince Xie.

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