Pei Yaran had originally planned to retire for the night, but was interrupted by the palace maids screaming about a ghost. When they finally appeared in front of her, she harshly lambasted them. “How can there be a ghost? Don’t spout nonsense!”


“Empress Dowager, you can see for yourself. It’s hideous, and all of its features have been distorted.” The palace maid described fearfully. I didn’t see it personally, but I heard about it from others who swear that they have.


Pei Yaran flung her sleeves and walked out of the Compassionate Peace Palace. When she reached the courtyard, she was greeted by the sight of a woman with a face so hideous that she couldn’t tell who it was.


When she noticed her clothes, however, Pei Yaran was absolutely shocked. It’s actually Pei Anru! How did she become like this?!


All the palace maids involuntarily retreated when they caught sight of Pei Anru As for the guards, they immediately drew their swords when they saw the woman approaching the Empress Dowager.


Pei Yaran waved her hand to signal the guards to withdraw before striding towards Pei Anru. As she got closer, she noticed a trace of rancour in the latter’s eyes.


”What happened? This…” Pei Yaran softly questioned. She then took Pei Anru’s hand as she headed towards the main hall, instructing the guards along the way. “Go to the Imperial Physician Institute and summon Imperial Physician Zhao to the Compassionate Peace Palace.”


Pei Anru had kept silent along the way, trying to suppress the overwhelming pain in her heart. Only once they had entered the main hall did she begin to rant.


“Empress Dowager, I was knocked out by someone in the woods outside the Compassionate Peace Palace. I was already like this by the time I woke up.” Pei Anru looked at Pei Yaran in a daze, a trace of resentment evident in her eyes.


“This Empress Dowager didn’t know that there was actually someone lying in ambush in the woods. Did the matter of you making the medicinal powder leak out?”


Pei Anru bitterly laughed. “Empress Dowager, you are the only one who knows, and thus, are the biggest suspect. I don’t understand; getting rid of Su Xi-er is in the interests of the Pei Family, so why did you attack me?”


She despondently laughed as she touched her face, lifting her head up to face Pei Yaran. “The Pei Family’s only woman who is of a suitable age has become like this. No matter how hard I work, Prince Hao won’t spare me a single glance. Empress Dowager, why did you do this? Did you think that you would be able to get closer to Prince Hao if you eliminate me? What kind of feelings do you hold towards Prince Hao?”


Pei Anru didn’t know about Pei Yaran’s feelings towards Pei Qianhao, and her last two questions were just speculation. The physical and mental agony she was in made her courageous enough to say anything.


“This Empress Dowager wasn’t the one who ruined your face, so how would I know who did it? Are you sure that nobody else has found out about you possessing the medicinal powder?”


“Empress Dowager, could it be the female physician who created the powder? But she’s from Nanzhao! She has no motive for harming me.”


A glimmer flickered past Pei Yaran’s eyes. “Then does that mean that this Empress Dowager has a motive? For now, we can only wait for Imperial Physician Zhao to come and examine you. If your face is beyond salvation, you should stay in the Pei Residence from now on.”


Right at this moment, Imperial Physician Zhao arrived at the main hall with his medical box. When he saw Pei Anru’s face, he was so shocked that his heart almost leapt out of his chest.


“Imperial Physician Zhao, look carefully. Is there still hope for her face?”


“This humble official obeys the decree.” Imperial Physician Zhao set down his medical box and walked towards Pei Anru.


After taking a careful look, he touched Pei Anru’s face and realised that there were many large creases on her skin. If she relies only on medical ointment, I’m afraid...


Finally, Imperial Physician Zhao shook his head. “It’s hard to say. There’s a type of method called ‘Skin Replacement’, but this method is very dangerous and painful.”


Pei Anru immediately caught on. “That is to say, there is still hope for me?”

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