“The Prince Hao Residence is heavily guarded, so it’s not suitable for us to act. I will wait for Su Xi-er to return to the palace, or until the banquet on the night of the Winter Solstice. Empress Dowager, you can help by assisting me in infiltrating the Prince Hao Residence.”


Pei Yaran took in Pei Anru’s serious expression. It won’t hurt if I borrow her hands to deal a blow to Su Xi-er. “First, return to the Pei Residence and wait for this Empress Dowager’s verbal edict.”


She then waved her hand, signalling for Pei Anru to withdraw.


Pei Anru nodded and turned to leave. However, she didn’t know that the plan she had meticulously crafted would suddenly go awry because of one person.


When Pei Anru reached the small palace path, a tall man suddenly appeared in front of her, covering her mouth and nose as he dragged her into the woods beside the path.


“Who are you?” Pei Anru was shocked and frantic, constantly wriggling her body until the man hit her sleeping acupoint, knocking her out.


This man was none other than Feng Changqing. He bent down and found the small porcelain bottle containing the disfigurement powder in Pei Anru’s sleeve.


Since you have such vicious thoughts, why don’t I let you have a taste of your own medicine?


Feng Changqing knelt down and opened the bottle, watching the young woman’s face being illuminated by the moonlight. A young woman like her depends on her appearance; if it is ruined, her life will likely follow.


His hands paused at the thought of performing such a vicious act. Yet, when he thought about how Pei Anru had been unhesitant in trying to do the same thing to Su Xi-er despite her young age, he changed his mind. If she’s already so baleful now, imagine what would become of her in the future!


Hence, Feng Changqing no longer hesitated, pouring the medicinal powder on Pei Anru’s neck. Almost immediately, countless red boils began to appear and fester.


In less than 15 minutes, her neck was already covered with patches of rotten skin. Feng Changqing was appalled. This medicinal powder is actually so ruthless! If this is poured on the face…


In the end, Feng Changqing set the bottle of medicinal powder on the ground.


Just as he was prepared to leave the imperial palace, he heard a man’s hoarse voice. “How come you only poured it on the neck? Why did you suddenly let Pei Anru off?”


Feng Changqing followed the direction of the sound, only to discover the man that he had exchanged blows with at the Compassionate Peace Palace.


“I don’t plan to fight with you tonight. I just want to properly talk to you.” The man in black walked forward as he swept his gaze across Pei Anru’s neck.


“What do you want to talk about?”


“Why did you suddenly let Pei Anru off? Don’t tell me you became soft-hearted?”


Feng Changqing coldly replied. “Women care the most about their appearance. This girl has yet to even come of age, so I just ruined some of the skin at her neck to teach her a lesson.”


“What’s your relationship with Su Xi-er?” There was a probing look in the man’s eyes.


“You attempted to kill Su Xi-er multiple times. What’s your relationship with her?” Feng Changqing countered.


“There’s no relationship. I was simply carrying out a job for someone.”


Feng Changqing curtly replied, “Then you can say that I’m doing the same.”


The man smiled. “You’re pretty eloquent. I wonder who your master is.”


“I won’t be able to tell you that.” Feng Changqing then turned to leave. This time, the man in black didn’t stop him.


Shortly after Feng Changqing had left, the man in black bent down to pick up the porcelain bottle, pouring the remaining powder onto Pei Anru’s face. Without waiting to see the result, he left.


The medicinal powder began taking effect, fiercely burning across everything that stood in its path. The fiery pain dug into Pei Anru’s psyche, jolting her awake.


The only thing that registered in her mind was the intense pain on her face, wiping out any thoughts of where she was or who had knocked her out. Her wildly scrabbling hands found the empty porcelain bottle beside her amidst the searing pain.


Pei Anru was absolutely panicking as she raised her hand to touch her face. The multiple bumps on her face only served to heighten her distress, her heart nearly beating out of her chest.


A moment later, a shrill shriek filled with pain and misery shattered the night silence. The palace maids were frightened out of their wits when they heard it, but still went to investigate what had happened.


When they saw a hideous face under the moonlight, all the palace maids were terrified to the point that the blood drained from their faces. “Ghost!”


Seeing the palace maids fleeing in a panic, Pei Anru could only touch her face again as she slowly staggered towards the Compassionate Peace Palace.

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