Xie Yun made his way to the courtyard before instructing a nearby guard. “Watch over the Commandery Princess for the next few days; don’t allow her to leave the residence.”


The guard bowed. “This subordinate accepts the order.”


Xie Yun nodded, and walked towards his own courtyard. He hadn’t expected that Pei Qianhao would actually look for Xie Liuli. This marriage can’t be allowed to fail just like this. The key here is Pei Zheng. With how powerful Pei Qianhao is growing, his adopted father must be growing more and more worried that the Pei Residence won’t be able to control him anymore.


If that’s the case, I must meet with Pei Zheng. Xie Yun turned in another direction, arriving in his study before he began to prepare his ink and brush.




Meanwhile, Feng Changqing had already slipped into the imperial palace, and was heading straight for the Compassionate Peace Palace. When he thought about the man in black he had previously encountered, he reminded himself that he had to be more cautious this time around.




Only Pei Yaran and Pei Anru were in the main hall of the Compassionate Peace Palace as the latter took out a bottle containing the disfigurement powder from her sleeve.


“Empress Dowager, this bottle of medicinal power is unique. It will immediately cause the skin on the affected area to fester. It won’t result in death, but the blow to her looks will be fatal.” She explained as she passed the bottle to Pei Yaran.


Pei Yaran didn’t take it, and only glanced at the small porcelain bottle. “Why are you letting this Empress Dowager see it? Don’t tell me that you are planning to make this Empress Dowager carry out the idea you came up with?”


“Empress Dowager, I have no chance to get close to Su Xi-er. If you issue an edict for her to come to the Compassionate Peace Palace, then I can find an opportunity to act.”


However, Pei Anru didn’t expect that the plan she thought was flawless would prompt the Empress Dowager to chuckle.


“Why must you make a move in the Compassionate Peace Palace? Isn’t that tantamount to pinning all the blame on this Empress Dowager?”


Pei Anru was puzzled. “Empress Dowager, please tell me, what should we do then?”


“This Empress Dowager has failed the past few times precisely because I brought her to the Compassionate Peace Palace before making a move. You should make a move as soon as you see her; do you understand?” 


Pei Anru finally understood the overtone in her words. “Empress Dowager, where’s Su Xi-er right now?”


Pei Yaran shook her head. “She is very cunning, rising to a position at the Imperial Library when she was previously in the Palace Side Quarters. However, she isn’t there right now, and this Empress Dowager doesn’t know when she’ll return either.”


“What! A palace maid can leave the palace at will?” Pei Anru’s eyes widened with an incredulous expression.


“The impossible will become possible when it comes to Su Xi-er. If you don’t deal with her now, Su Xi-er will use her status to suppress you once she becomes Princess Consort Hao.” Pei Yaran further goaded Pei Anru.


The first time Pei Anru entered the palace had been to beg Pei Qianhao to save her father, with no plans to seize the position of Princess Consort Hao. However, now that her father had died, her mother had finally had a heart-to-heart talk with her for the first time in a long time. She had grown increasingly aware of the importance of one’s status as a result. The Pei Family wants to pull Prince Hao to their side, and I am the only woman who’s at a suitable age.


“Empress Dowager, you are a member of the Pei Family. If the Pei Family wishes to keep our unwavering position, we must pull Prince Hao to our side. As I am the most suitable candidate, you should cooperate with me.” Not knowing about Pei Yaran’s feelings towards Pei Qianhao, Pei Anru didn’t know how ear-piercing her words were.


Pei Yaran kept a neutral expression. “You are right, this Empress Dowager should be cooperating with you. To be frank, while it is not certain, Su Xi-er is very likely within the Prince Hao Residence. How do you plan to get to her?”

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