Why did Prince Hao meet with Commandery Prince Xie’s younger sister? Isn’t he marrying the Eldest Imperial Princess? Feng Changqing was concerned about this matter, and decided that he had to inform the Eldest Imperial Princess.


After Xie Liuli entered the Commandery Prince Xie, she didn’t speak a single word as she headed straight for her boudoir. Even after she closed the door, she silently stayed in her room until nightfall.


When Xie Yun returned from the palace, a maidservant reported, “Your Highness, this servant is unsure what is wrong with the Commandery Princess. She has shut herself in her room ever since she came back.”


Xie Yun nodded before walking to Xie Liuli’s boudoir, giving a light knock. However, he received no response.


“Liuli, are you inside?” Xie Yun asked in a gentle tone.


Only after a long while did he receive a reply. “Elder Brother, I’m asleep. Is anything the matter?”


“Open the door. You clearly haven’t gone to sleep yet.” Xie Yun stated confidently. Having lived with my younger sister for so many years, I understand her personality very well.


Soon enough, Xie Liuli opened the door and nodded as she called out, “Elder Brother.”


Xie Yun nodded and entered as Xie Liuli closed the door, pouring him a cup of tea afterwards.


“Where did you go today, and who did you meet with?” Xie Yun went straight to the point. His younger sister didn’t leave the residence often, and even when she did, he would simply have someone accompany her and wouldn’t restrict her freedom too much.


Xie Liuli laughed. “What are you talking about, Elder Brother? I just went out to look around; I didn’t meet with anyone. By the way, if you didn’t mind, I wanted to talk about something. ”


“What is it?”


Xie Liuli continued. “Elder Brother,  there hasn’t been any interaction between the Xie and Pei families for many years, despite the engagement between us. Is this engagement still valid?”


“Of course it’s valid. Just leave this matter to me. You don’t have to worry about it.” Xie Yun smilingly reassured her and poured her a cup of tea.


Xie Liuli didn’t sit down. “Elder Brother, I don’t like Prince Hao. Can we cancel this engagement?”


She was only met with silence as Xie Yun carefully look at her and asked, “Who exactly did you meet with today?”


Seeing her brother’s probing gaze, Xie Liuli instinctively lowered her gaze. She didn’t know how to lie, and would always feel uncomfortable even when she did.


“Liuli, you have never been able to lie ever since you were young. Now, tell your elder brother, who exactly did you go out to meet today? Who gave you the idea of cancelling the engagement? This engagement is written with seals from both the Pei and Xie families. Now that he is the Pei Family’s eldest son, even Pei Qianhao can’t evade it.”


Xie Liuli suddenly raised her head. “Elder Brother, I don’t want to marry Prince Hao. And even more than that, I don’t want to see the Pei and Xie families continuing our feud like this.”


“If you don’t like him, then why did you reject so many other people’s marriage proposals? You are already 18, and no longer young. How much longer are you going to wait for him? Don’t tell me that you want to wait until he marries someone?” Xie Yun slowly questioned.


“Elder Brother, I have thought about this for a very long time. Just destroy the written pledge and treat it as if this engagement had never existed.” Xie Liuli looked straight at Xie Yun with her lips tightly pursed.


“Liuli, you are a member of the Xie Family, as well as my younger sister. That is, Commandery Prince Xie’s younger sister. You aren’t allowed to decide your own marriage. Just trust that your elder brother will properly arrange everything for you even if I can’t divulge too many details to you.”


“Elder Brother, I don’t want to…”


Xie Yun stood up from the chair and interrupted her. “Rest early; don’t think about other unnecessary things.” With that, he turned on his heel and left the room.


Liuli must have met Pei Qianhao, which gave her the idea to cancel the engagement. It looks like Pei Qianhao has made up his mind to marry Su Xi-er and turn her into Princess Consort Hao.


If that’s really the case… Xie Yun’s gaze darkened. This commotion would spread explosively, enough to cause shock across the four great nations. An originally lowly bloodline would become even more lowly. Has Pei Qianhao lost his mind?

Inside the room, Xie Liuli didn’t understand her brother’s actions. Why is Elder Brother so insistent on this? If Pei Qianhao doesn’t marry me, then he can marry the woman he likes. If the woman is of a lowly background, the court ministers would lose confidence in him. At that time, wouldn’t the Xie Residence be the one to benefit?

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