Hong Li reached out her hand to pull Ruo Yuan. “This way, you’ll be able to get close to Commander Wu. You won’t have to continue silently longing for him.”


“Don’t bring up such nonsense. I like him, but that doesn’t mean that I have to be with him at all costs.” Ruo Yuan cast a sidelong glance at Hong Li. She was clear about her own status. Commander Wu’s status is too high for me to dream of matching up.


Unbeknownst to herself, Ruo Yuan had easily given logic to something that many didn’t understand. If people desperately in love could have such an open-minded approach, countless tragedies might have been avoided.


“Su Xi-er, where do you stay? I’ll help you tidy up.” Hong Li winked at her.


Su Xi-er replied, “Main courtyard.”


When she heard the words ‘main courtyard’, Hong Li’s eyes instantly widened as she exclaimed, “Main courtyard?!” She was astonished to the point that her mouth was still agape. Only masters can stay in the main courtyard. Room concubine servants, concubines, and secondary consorts can only stay in the side courtyards. Servants can only enter the main courtyard when they are there to clean up.


By instructing Su Xi-er to stay in the main courtyard, does Prince Hao mean to directly marry her as Princess Consort Hao?!


Ruo Yuan was so shocked that she almost forgot to breathe, only to furiously gasp for air after a long silence. “Su Xi-er, you are going to become Princess Consort Hao!”


“Don’t shout so loudly. It hasn’t been confirmed yet.” Su Xi-er smiled at them before patting their hands and walking towards the main courtyard.


Ruo Yuan and Hong Li were practically jumping for joy. If she’s really going to be Princess Consort Hao, she will definitely go down in the annals of Beimin’s history for the enormous change in status; from servant to Princess Consort. There’s no way there won’t be a commotion about this.




Meanwhile, Yu Xiao had found the location of Mei Jinxiu’s drugstore. Right after he arrived, he saw a woman coming out empty-handed and boarding a horse carriage from the Pei Residence.


Finding it strange, he immediately followed until he realised that the carriage was heading towards the imperial palace. Upon this discovery, Yu Xiao quickly rushed back to the Prince Hao Residence.


While he returned to report, Feng Changqing was waiting in the shadows by the palace gates. With it still being the middle of the day, he could only wait for an opportunity to sneak in.


Deciding to visit a teahouse near the palace gate, he ordered a cup of the hot beverage and took a slow sip as he sat down to wait.


However, he suddenly spotted Prince Hao entering the same teahouse, prompting him to immediately shift away and pretend to look outside the window.


Fortunately, Prince Hao didn’t notice him, and went straight up to the second floor. Feng Changqing’s gaze trailed after him, watching as he entered a private room that was around the middle of the second floor.


He’s probably here to discuss some matters. Feng Changqing didn’t think much of it. 


An hour later, he spotted a woman donned in plain robes and wearing pandora glass beads[1] on her forehead. She went to the second floor and entered the room Prince Hao had.


Who’s that woman? And why is Prince Hao meeting her in private?


Feng Changqing was perplexed. I need to get to the bottom of this. Hence, he switched to a more inconspicuous position and secretly observed the situation.


The two stayed in the private room for approximately four hours before Pei Qianhao emerged alone, his expression as stone-faced as always. An hour later, the woman came out as well. She appeared to be normal, but the fleeting sorrowful look in her eyes belied her true emotions as she left the teahouse.


With Feng Changqing’s skills, he was able to follow her as she boarded a horse carriage. He stayed unnoticed as he tailed the woman, finally stopping as the carriage came to a halt in front of the Xie Residence.


He was also close enough to hear the guards at the door address her as ‘Commandery Princess’, allowing Feng Changqing to learn that the woman was Commandery Prince Xie’s younger sister.

1. I’m guessing it looks something like this, since it’s hung at her forehead.

I'm guessing it looks something like this when it’s worn.

Fun fact: The name of the beads is the same as her name.

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