Feng Changqing noticed that Su Xi-er was deep in thought, so he sent Yu Xiao away. “You go and watch that drug store. Report back immediately if you see Pei Anru bringing the medicinal powder into the imperial palace.”


Yu Xiao nodded and turned to leave.


Soon, it was only Su Xi-er and Feng Changqing left outside of the flower pergola.


Su Xi-er looked into the distance and spoke unhurriedly. “Feng Changqing, I will write a letter today. Send a trusted subordinate to go to Nanzhao and deliver it to Lianchen.”


“But nothing has happened in Nanzhao, and Yun Ruofeng hasn’t made any movements yet.” Feng Changqing was confused. Nanzhao is calm on the surface right now. Why is she writing a letter?


“Qin Ling has already entered Beimin’s capital. Yun Ruofeng’s behaviour is very strange.”


Feng Changqing continued to ask, “Strange?”


“Yes, but even if he’s planning something, he’s not the same Yun Ruofeng as before. He’s lost half of his authority in Nanzhao, and internal strife among those under his administration has also broken out. Furthermore, it’s difficult for him to do things without Wei Mohai.” Su Xi-er slowly analysed before suddenly turning to look at Feng Changqing, her eyes curving into a smile.


Feng Changqing could see the joy in her eyes. Why is the Eldest Imperial Princess suddenly happy? I can even see a trace of bashfulness in her expression.


“In the letter, I will ask Lianchen whether or not he can come to Beimin to attend my wedding as the Emperor of Nanzhao.”


Feng Changqing’s eyes widened. Wedding? Is the Eldest Imperial Princess getting married? To Prince Hao?


His astonishment and confusion turned into concern in the end. “Have you really decided to get married to Prince Hao? Your status right now is a that of a maidservant. Prince Hao is an adopted son, and he needs to…”


“I understand that he needs a woman with a noble bloodline as his princess consort. However, why should I be afraid if he isn’t afraid of anything?” Su Xi-er smiled faintly, her eyes, full of confidence and authority.


Feng Changqing could make out the shadows of the previous Eldest Imperial Princess from her expression; the very same one who had grandly commanded the army in the past..


“Eldest Imperial Princess, you have suffered a lot of pain in your previous lifetime. This subordinate hopes that you will be able to find happiness in this one.”


“Feng Changqing, I will think of a way to restore your appearance.” Su Xi-er changed the topic while looking at Feng Changqing’s face.


Feng Changqing shook his head. “This subordinate likes my face like this.”


After he finished speaking, two familiar female voices could be heard. Su Xi-er turned around and saw Ruo Yuan and Hong Li.


Ruo Yuan ran towards Su Xi-er and held her hand happily. “Su Xi-er, it’s great to see that you are fine!”


Hong Li looked at Feng Changqing suspiciously. “Don’t stay so close to Su Xi-er. If Prince Hao sees this, he may kick you out of his residence.”


“Su Xi-er, will you be staying at the Prince Hao Residence in the future?” Ruo Yuan giggled and asked.


“Most likely. However, I will need to return to the Imperial Library before that.”


When Hong Li heard this, her eyes widened. I already guessed that Su Xi-er wouldn’t return to the Palace Side Quarters, but I didn’t think she would be staying at the Prince Hao Residence!


Even if her status is only that of a concubine, she would still attract the jealousy of countless women!


Feng Changqing could see the delight in Su Xi-er’s eyes. It’s fine as long as the Eldest Imperial Princess is happy. Prince Hao is much more upright and just compared to Prince Yun. He is someone worthy of entrusting a lifetime to.


He continued to walk forward as he contemplated. I should assist Yu Xiao in following Pei Anru. Although he is skilled, he is still too inexperienced, and doesn’t know how to hide properly. If Pei Anru enters the palace, I will need to take matters into my own hands.


I want to see what Pei Anru is going to do with the medicinal powder.


Currently, both of Su Xi-er’s hands were held by Ruo Yuan. “Su Xi-er, Prince Hao has instructed people to bring Hong Li and my things over! From now on, we will be your personal maidservants.”


“Did people from the Palace Side Quarters find out?” Su Xi-er asked.


Hong Li shook her head. “No, it was done secretly. The news that you are here at the Prince Hao Residence hasn’t spread. I believe Prince Hao is waiting for an appropriate time.”


“This is great! Prince Hao has your back now, and no one will dare to bully you!” Ruo Yuan was smiled in elation. She was genuinely happy for Su Xi-er.

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