After Wu Ling had left, Su Xi-er asked, “Prince Hao, when did you smash the table at the Compassionate Peace Palace?”


“Come and sit on this Prince’s lap; this Prince will tell you.” Pei Qianhao’s voice was calm as he picked up a teacup from the table, taking a small sip.


Su Xi-er looked at the spacious courtyard. “It’s my first time here in the main courtyard; I should at least go out and take a look.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t respond, only keeping his gaze upon her as she made her way outside.


There are some things that I must enter the imperial palace to handle.


Pei Qianhao put down the teacup and walked out of the room. He instructed his guards to protect Su Xi-er before leaving the main courtyard and walking towards the entrance of his residence.


Su Xi-er noticed him leaving, but didn’t say anything, knowing that he was heading out to handle some affairs. She simply took her time strolling around the courtyard, then headed to the flower pergola at the back of the Prince Hao Residence.


It just so happened that Feng Changqing and Yu Xiao were walking out of the flower pergola at the same time, revealing many flower growers behind them, all of them excited.


“I can’t believe that we have successfully transplanted the Lingrui flowers; all of them have survived!”


After hearing the flower growers’ words, Su Xi-er knew that the Lingrui flowers were indeed successfully transplanted. Once again, I am impressed by Pei Qianhao’s decisions. It appears that nothing is too difficult for him.


The group of flower growers walked out of the flower pergola, and were stunned when they saw Su Xi-er. There shouldn’t be any women in the Prince Hao Residence, so how did this one get in here? Did she sneak in?


While the flower growers were still thinking about this, Su Xi-er revealed a gentle smile. Everyone immediately knew that she hadn’t snuck in. If she did sneak in, why would she be smiling at us like she is our master?


When they thought about the word ‘master’, the flower growers grew even more confused. Prince Hao is the master of the Prince Hao Residence. He doesn’t even have a princess consort yet!


Feng Changqing waved his hand at the flower growers. “We will stop here for today. I will take care of the rest for the next few days and notify you if I need any help.”


“Mmm, alright!” The flower growers said goodbye to Feng Changqing and left from the backdoor of the Prince Hao Residence.


It was Yu Xiao’s first time seeing Su Xi-er after coming to Beimin. He chuckled, “Miss, it’s only been a few days since we’ve met up, but you’ve already become more beautiful. Your face is so rosy that I can almost pinch water out of your cheeks.”


“Yu Xiao, that physician from the Mei Family in Nanzhao, Mei Jinxiu, has also come to Beimin. She has opened up a drug store, and is currently helping people with her medical skills.”


Feng Changqing and Yu Xiao’s expressions changed. What is Mei Jinxiu doing in Beimin?


“Yu Xiao, you keep an eye on the drug store, but don’t alarm others who go to it. I also want you to pay attention to Pei Anru; make sure you find out how she plans to bring the medicinal powder to the imperial palace.”


Feng Changqing was confused. “What medicinal powder?”


Su Xi-er slowly replied, “The medicinal powder that will permanently disfigure someone.”


“Her heart is so vicious! As expected of the Pei Residence, I have long heard that there are only vile people in there.” Yu Xiao burst out angrily, but suddenly realised that he had said something wrong. “Except Prince Hao, of course. However, Prince Hao isn’t actually someone from the Pei Residence.”

Su Xi-er’s gaze deepened. I know, more than anyone, how much those large aristocratic clans value their bloodline. Besides being involved in court affairs, the main reason that Nanzhao’s officials impeached me in my past life was because Empress Mother was from a minority ethnic group. As such, I didn’t have the pure and noble bloodline of Nanzhao’s Imperial Household. The only reason they chose Lianchen to sit on the throne is because he is the sole male left in the Imperial Household.

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