But, when he looked at that pair of eyes, he felt that there was a need for him to explain. Hence, he slowly explicated, “You’re a palace maid. Ever since you entered the palace, your everything has been branded. Your body doesn’t belong to you, but instead to the imperial household. Forget seeing your arm, your life itself is sworn to Beimin.”


Su Xi-er held a self-deprecating smile. That’s right. What he said isn’t wrong. Palace maids are simply that sort of existence. When a powerful man has taken a fancy to them, they can casually choose when to favour them and when to throw them away.


In that case, does Pei Qianhao treat me with that kind of mindset? Or maybe I am not even enough to be considered a passing interest, but just a pet?. Isn’t the Beauty Palace simply a prison?


“However, it’s very ridiculous. Even if I’m an imperial prince, you and I are more or less the same.” Situ Li revealed a bitter smile before he pulled Su Xi-er’s arm.


“You’re working so hard with no regards for your life. Is it because you can no longer continue surviving in the Palace Side Quarters? Were you bullied and whipped by others? Let me have a look at the scars on your arm.”


Su Xi-er stopped him. “I wasn’t bullied. It’s just that Ruo Yuan has gone missing.”


Situ Li let go of her arm. “Ruo Yuan?”


“The palace maid together with this servant last night. She was taken away by the imperial guards this morning. I don’t know which palace the imperial guards were from.”


After Situ Li pondered, he analysed calmly, “There must be a reason for the imperial guards taking her away. She’s just a palace maid. What are you worried about?”


“This servant just wants to know who exactly had taken Ruo Yuan away. She didn’t commit any crime.”


Situ Li looked at her earnest expression. “You’re very concerned about her. You can’t even look after yourself, yet you’re still caring about others? Do you have such a capability?”


The last sentence jabbed Su Xi-er’s sore point. My current ability is almost non-existent. It is the same feeling as when I watched helplessly as Lü Liu died.


“I will help you to investigate, but I will definitely not save her. If she dies, it will be because of you. Do you know that many people have their eyes on you?”


Su Xi-er raised her head to look at him and nodded. “This servant knows.”


Why would they have their attention on me? The reason is none other than two people  Pei Qianhao and Situ Li. If it weren’t for them, why would others care about me, a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters?


“Hold on to this bottle of medicinal powder,” Situ Li told her as he took out a white porcelain bottle from his sleeve and stuffed it into her hand before continuing. “Hide the bottle in the cupboard after you are done using it. Otherwise, there will be trouble if others find out.” 


Su Xi-er pointed out, “If I apply the medicinal powder, there will be green traces and people will still be able to tell.” 


“They won’t. The imperial physician has specially added a medicinal herb so that it only takes an hour for the medicinal powder to be absorbed into the wound.”


Su Xi-er looked at the white porcelain bottle in her hand. Compared to the one Pei Qianhao gave me, this medicinal powder can dissolve into the skin even more rapidly.


“Many thanks to the Third Imperial Prince. However, this servant can’t accept this medicinal powder.” Su Xi-er refused as she passed the white porcelain bottle to Situ Li.


“Since I have given it to you, you should just keep it. Although it’s healing ability is not comparable to that bottle from Prince Hao, it’s still better in terms of speed of absorption.”


Situ Li’s indifferent words caused Su Xi-er to be surprised. How does he know that Pei Qianhao had given me medicinal powder?


Could it be that dispatched someone to monitor me?


“You suspect that I dispatched someone to monitor you?” Situ Li asked bluntly.


Su Xi-er nodded and didn’t speak.


“I have long removed the person who monitors you. Regarding the matter of Prince Hao giving you the medicinal powder, he had instructed someone to inform me.”

Su Xi-er looked at Situ Li’s expression and didn’t think that he was lying. Instantly, she felt that Pei Qianhao was simply a pervert. Why does he want to tell Situ Li that he had given me medicinal powder? I don’t understand. Is Pei Qianhao targeting me like this merely because he suspects that I knocked him out, or because he wants to punish me?

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