Pei Qianhao gently laid his hand on the back of Su Xi-er’s head, holding her to his chest. His black robe was blown up by the wind, making it such that the top of her head was the only thing that could be seen.


No words were needed as they simply relished the moment by tightly embracing one another. After a while, Pei Qianhao cracked his horsewhip and rode his horse towards the Prince Hao Residence.


Unnoticed by either of them, a large horse carriage was stopped at the opposite end of the street. Inside of it was a pretty maidservant, who looked up and noticed that her young miss was staring in the direction that Pei Qianhao had just left in. “Commandery Princess, what’s wrong?”


The woman in the carriage had pandora glass beads worn on her forehead. When she smiled, she also slowly tilted her head, causing the beads to glisten beautifully in the sunlight.


“It’s nothing; return to the Commandery Prince Residence.” After that, the woman shut the window curtain of her carriage.


As the horse carriage started to move, the two women began to think. The man on the horse was Prince Hao, but who is the woman that he was holding? I’ve been living in the Commandery Prince Residence for years, and only go out once every few months. Elder Brother has never told me who Prince Hao fancies, and only says that he’s the same as before: admiring beauties, but unable to be moved by them.


But now that I have come out on my own, I’ve seen Prince Hao hugging a woman on the street, making it clear that he favours her. Could it be that the Pei and Xie families can no longer return to the past? Will the engagement be cancelled just like this?




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er was taken back to the Prince Hao Residence by Pei Qianhao. He got off the horse before turning around to help her dismount, holding her hand as he led her into the residence.


Right as he entered, Wu Ling walked up. “Prince Hao, since Su Xi-er has been found, we will withdraw all the imperial guards..”


Pei Qianhao waved his hand. “No need. This Prince noticed some people that shouldn’t be in the capital of Beimin. Have the guards make a meticulous sweep around the capital; arrest anyone who looks suspicious, no matter who they are.”


Wu Ling cupped his hands together and replied, “This subordinate obeys the order.”


“This Prince will not allow you to return to the Imperial Library right now. I will send you back when the Winter Solstice night banquet arrives.” Pei Qianhao said as he walked forward.


Su Xi-er followed behind him until they were in the backyard. On the way, she saw Feng Changqing and Yu Xiao, each carrying a pot of Lingrui flowers. The flowers were blooming, and didn’t look withered at all. Have they been transplanted successfully?


Feng Changqing nodded towards Su Xi-er and respectfully greeted, “Miss Xi-er.”


Su Xi-er smiled gently. “You have worked hard; those Lingrui flowers look really beautiful.”


“Of course, even I participated in investigating how to transplant it. After we move them to the flower pergola, I want to go and see what Beimin’s wine tastes like.” Yu Xiao giggled and looked at Su Xi-er.


At this, Pei Qianhao cast a sidelong glance at her. Although he didn’t say anything, she understood the deep meaning within his eyes.


Su Xi-er walked over and smiled. “Prince Hao, keep walking. This servant will follow you closely.”


When Pei Qianhao heard the word ‘closely’, his brows relaxed, and he continued to walk towards the main hall.


Watching the two depart, Yu Xiao found it strange. “Don’t you think that Prince Hao is very reserved about his thoughts? Since he likes Su Xi-er, he should behave more like a man and be upfront about it. A woman will be spoiled if you always try to fawn over her.”


“What do you know? You don’t even understand Su Xi-er.” Feng Changqing gave him a dismissive look before walking towards the flower pergola.


Yu Xiao pouted. “So I don’t understand her, but you do?”


Pei Qianhao entered the main hall before heading out one of the side corridors and yelling back, “Keep up.”

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Yu Xiao pouted. “So I don’t understand her, but you do?”

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