Tan Ge was heavy-hearted. Just as she was going to reply, she saw the Empress Dowager in front of her, prompting her to pull Chao Mu over and push her back down to bow with her. “This servant pays her respects to the Empress Dowager.”


Pei Yaran looked at their dresses. They were talking about Su Xi-er, so they must be from the Imperial Library.


“Did Su Xi-er leave the palace yesterday?” Pei Yaran’s tone became faintly sweet, the corner of her lips raised as she approached them.


Chao Mu didn’t say anything. Although the Empress Dowager seems to be friendly, she’s only putting up a front to probe us for information.


Tan Ge deferentially replied, “Su Xi-er went out of the palace together with His Majesty yesterday. Empress Dowager, you can ask His Majesty.” It is against the palace rules for a palace maid to leave the palace, but it’s another story if they left due to the Emperor’s orders.


“His Majesty is really mischievous. He knows that it is against the rules for a palace maid to leave the palace and made it difficult for Su Xi-er. Never mind, this Empress Dowager will not blame her for this. Has Su Xi-er returned?”


Chao Mu raised her head and looked at the Empress Dowager before saying, “She didn’t return.”


“Didn’t return?” Pei Yaran’s eyes darkened. If Su Xi-er is neither dead nor in the Imperial Library, then where did she go?


“Empress Dowager, this servant thinks that she will probably be back soon. Not only is His Majesty concerned for her, but even Commandery Prince Xie has also sent people out to search.” Tan Ge decided to also bring Xie Yun into the picture.


When Pei Yaran heard the words ‘Commandery Prince Xie’, she quickly switched to a neutral expression. “Su Xi-er is no longer just a palace maid, but a court lady. If she lost her life outside the palace, it needs to be reported to the Imperial Household Department. When she returns to the Imperial Library, pass this Empress Dowager’s message to her: a servant should have the deportment of a servant.”


After that, Pei Yaran turned on her heel and left.


A trace of annoyance flickered across Chao Mu’s eyes. A servant should have the deportment of a servant, but the Empress Dowager doesn’t have the deportment of a master! After being so small-minded and petty, how is she any different from a shrew yelling in the streets?


“Chao Mu, let’s hurry and sweep the Imperial Garden. Don’t waste time.” Tan Ge began to work without another word.


“Nothing happened to Su Xi-er outside the palace, right? Why are you the only one returning when you both left the palace together?”


Tan Ge shook her head. “It happened suddenly. His Majesty wanted to eat Chinese candied hawthorn, and Su Xi-er went to buy it for him, but ended up disappearing. Don’t worry, people have already been sent out to look for her.”


Chao Mu looked up at the blue sky. The weather is getting colder, and the Winter Solstice night banquet will be here soon. Su Xi-er, you must return safe and sound!




At this moment, Su Xi-er was walking on the main street. She had finally found an imperial guard from the Prince Hao Residence, but noticed another person following her at the same time.


She slightly shifted her gaze to find Qin Ling behind her.


There are imperial guards from the Prince Hao Residence everywhere. Qin Ling is really bold.


Su Xi-er sped up her pace as she walked towards the guard, while Qin Ling maintained an equally quick pace from a dark alley on the side. Where did Su Xi-er hide last night? It will be difficult to bring her back to Nanzhao after I missed the best opportunity last night.


Soon, Su Xi-er was able to see a person dressed in a black, snake-patterned robe in the distance. It was Pei Qianhao, currently seated on his black steed as his gaze ran up and down the street.


Gradually, the corner of Su Xi-er’s lips curled up; but before she could even notice, she had forcibly normalised her expression.


Pei Qianhao’s head turned, his eyes locking onto her the moment she appeared.


Surprise, shock, joy, anger, and many other emotions flickered across his dark bottomless eyes. At last, he cracked his horsewhip and dashed towards Su Xi-er.


Stopping in front of Su Xi-er, he picked her up before she could even say a word, sitting her down in front of him on the horse.

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