“Empress Dowager, perhaps you don’t need to do anything to get some unexpected results.”


Pei Yaran’s eyes narrowed slightly before relaxing. “You are right. Prince Yun has sent people to Beimin to get Su Xi-er. This could potentially end up with Prince Hao being cuckolded, and he certainly won’t be pleased. This Empress Dowager will see just how Prince Yun stacks up against Prince Hao. In the end, what can a mere maidservant like Su Xi-er do?”


She played with her nails as she spoke. I just painted my nails a few days ago, and they look even better today.


“Withdraw, and don’t let anyone see you.” In the end, Pei Yaran waved her hand, signalling for the man in black to leave as he turned around.


Suddenly, Pei Yaran thought of something. “Hold on, that day, in the backyard of the Compassionate Peace Palace, were you one of the people fighting in the woods? Who was the one that broke the tendons in the arms and legs of that guard from the Compassionate Peace Palace?”


The man in black turned around and calmly replied, “I was hiding in the woods that night, and I was going to kill Su Xi-er with the Heart-Penetrating Arrow. However, as you know, she managed to dodge it. At the same time, a man in coarse clothes and wearing a veil showed up. We only exchanged a few blows, but I could tell that he was pretty skilled.”


“So it was him who broke the tendons of the guard from the Compassionate Peace Palace.” Pei Yaran stopped playing with her nails, the expression on her face darkening.


“It wasn’t him; it was me. I naturally have my own reasons for breaking his tendons.” The man turned away after he finished speaking, ignoring Pei Yaran’s expression as he disappeared into the darkness.


Pei Yaran looked at the empty main hall, her hands tightening into fists. Shi Mo has been hiding in the Compassionate Peace Palace for many years. He assists me in some situations, and obstructs me in others. I have never been privy to what his motive is.


Just as she was deep in thought, Lian Qiao walked into the main hall and bowed to pay her respects. “Empress Dowager, there is a herb that’s missing. This servant went to look for it at the Imperial Physician Institute, but I didn’t find it.”


The Imperial Physician Institute stores all kinds of herbs, but it’s missing one now of all times?!


“Empress Dowager, to make the philtre fragrance, this herb is something that…” Lian Qiao hesitated for a moment before finally mustering up her courage. “... is indispensable.”


“What are you missing?”


Lian Qiao walked one step closer and whispered. “Musk, or the stamen or pistil of the Purple Fragrance Flower.”


Musk has been banned by the imperial palace for many years. As for the Purple Fragrance Flowers, I have just asked people to remove them and throw them out of the palace.


“Can’t we use something else to substitute for it?” Pei Yaran’s brows furrowed. I just had the flowers removed, and now I need them.


Lian Qiao shook her head. “It will harm the body if we replace it. Something that can cause damage to the body definitely can’t be obtained from the Imperial Physician Institute.”


“Go back to your room. We will send the medicinal ingredients to your room tonight; just focus on making the fragrance.” Pei Yaran waved her hand and signalled for her to leave.


“This servant obeys the order.” Lian Qiao bowed deferentially before backing out of the hall.


Pei Yaran stood up from the upper seat and walked out of the Compassionate Peace Palace, heading towards the Imperial Garden.


She entered the Imperial Garden with a trace of hope, but was told that all of the Purple Fragrance Flowers have been removed from the palace.


Pei Yaran waved her hand as she berated the servant who delivered the news. “Withdraw.”


The palace maid who answered Pei Yaran’s question trembled. I had followed the Empress Dowager’s order, so why does she seem to be displeased with me now?


“Why are you still standing there in a daze?” Pei Yaran’s cold gaze landed on the palace maid, prompting the latter to immediately leave


Pei Yaran deliberated over it. I must leave the palace in order to obtain this herb.


Suddenly, she heard the voice of another woman. “Tan Ge, have you seen Su Xi-er? Did she return yesterday?”

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