“Young Miss Pei, this peasant woman really can’t do that.” Mei Jinxiu refused without hesitation.


Pei Anru put the silver ingot on the table and stood up. “I will give you until tomorrow to give me an answer. Physician Mei, you should know that it’s not wise to refuse a request from the Pei Family. Please think through it carefully.” She then walked towards the door.


Just as she was about to exit the room, Pei turned around and smirked. “Physician Mei, as one would expect from someone taught by the Mei Family of Nanzhao, your skills are great. However, I’ve heard the rumour that the Mei Family is searching for you. If word got out that you are in the capital of Beimin, they’d probably find you in no time.”


Mei Jinxiu’s body trembled as Pei Anru left, her hands clenching into fists. She looked at the silver ingot on the table with a cold gaze. After being here for such a short time, I’m already being forced and threatened!


Having been hidden away for the entire conversation, Su Xi-er walked out from behind the screen. It’s obvious who Pei Anru is really targeting.


“Mei Jinxiu, make the medicinal powder for her. Make the most powerful medicinal powder that will permanently disfigure someone.”


“I…” Mei Jinxiu stuttered. Finally, she shook her head. “I can’t harm people as a physician.”


Su Xi-er laughed. “You can’t harm good people, but you can harm bad people. Those who are evil don’t deserve to stay in this world. Not to mention, we don’t know for sure whose face the powder will be disfiguring.”


“What do you mean?”


“Don’t worry, just make it for her, and make sure to do it well.” The corner of Su Xi-er’s mouth raised, and a bright glint flickered across her eyes.


Mei Jinxiu looked at her and suddenly realised that Su Xi-er definitely knew the female cousin Pei Anru was talking about.


“I trust you, so I will make the medicinal powder for Young Miss Pei.”


Su Xi-er nodded and walked towards the door.


“Su Xi-er, the whole street is full of imperial guards from the Prince Hao Residence that seem to be looking for you. A lot of the civilians are staying inside because of this, and even the ones who are walking outside are trembling with fear.”


“Mmm, I will go and find Prince Hao now.” After that, Su Xi-er walked out of the drugstore. The civilians waiting in the outer chamber all widened their eyes when they saw a beauty walking out. This woman is so beautiful!




Meanwhile, Pei Yaran was lounging on a chair in the Compassionate Peace Palace. Su Xi-er has fallen into the river and drowned; how could I not be ecstatic right now?!


Pei Qianhao, what use is it to scour for her through every street? Your Su Xi-er is already dead.


Upon this thought, the corner of Pei Yaran’s mouth involuntarily curled up. Xie Yun made a great move. Just as Pei Yaran was caught up in her joyful thoughts, a man who was dressed in all black with a hat covering more than half of his face appeared.


Pei Yaran was shocked and immediately sat up. “What are you doing here?”


“Empress Dowager, Su Xi-er didn’t die.”


“What! Commandery Prince Xie made the move yesterday, and this Empress Dowager asked you to go too. You clearly told this Empress Dowager that Su Xi-er had died.” Pei Yaran’s hands tightened. He has failed the past few times, despite how skilled he is.


“Su Xi-er is not a simple woman. She previously escaped my Heart-Penetrating arrow, and now she has managed to slip away again. During yesterday’s chaos, I mistook another woman for her, and pushed her into the water instead.” The man in black slowly explained, enraging Pei Yaran.


“You let her escape again? Where is she now?”


“I don’t know where she went, but Prince Yun has already secretly sent people here. They probably came for Su Xi-er.”


Pei Yaran sneered and replied in a caustic tone. “She’s simply a femme fatale that seduces people everywhere she goes!”

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