The next morning, Su Xi-er found herself feeling much better after waking up. Finding a bowl of medicinal soup next to her bed, she drank all of it before going to wash up.


Before she could walk go to the outer chamber, however, she noticed an ‘acquaintance’ walking in. It’s Pei Anru. What is she doing at the drug store?


Pei Anru looked around the outer chamber until her gaze fell on Mei Jinxiu. “Are you the physician?”


Mei Jinxiu nodded and looked at her clothes in an attempt to size her up. She’s a daughter of a noble family. “Miss, I am the physician. Where do you feel unwell?”


“My body feels uncomfortable; my chest feels tight, and I can’t breathe properly,” Pei Anru said as she glanced around.


The surrounding civilians didn’t recognise Pei Anru, but knew from her slightly arrogant behaviour that she was a young miss from a noble family. None of them dared to say anything.


Mei Jinxiu stretched her hand out and signalled for her to enter the inner chamber. “Miss, that’s a psychological problem. Come inside with me and I will help you check.”


Pei Anru nodded and followed Mei Jinxiu into the inner chamber. Su Xi-er quickly hid herself behind a screen when she saw them coming.


“Miss, lie down on the bed and take off your outer clothes.”


Pei Anru sat on the chair and looked up at Mei Jinxiu. “That’s fine, there is no issue with my chest. I came here because you have just arrived in Beimin, and your drug store is new. Do you know of the Pei Family?”


So it turns out that she’s here to make trouble. Mei Jinxiu maintained her composure. Forget about Beimin, even the civilians in other countries have heard about the Pei Family. With the eminent Prince Hao on their side, the Pei Family has managed to become the most powerful clan in the world, exerting their full influence on Beimin.


Seeing that Mei Jinxiu was thinking about something, Pei Anru thought that the former was intimidated after hearing that about the Pei Family. “I am from the Pei family, and I am here because I need something from you. I hope you won’t refuse me, Physician Mei. Otherwise, how will you find your feet in Beimin? 


Although she still had a naive smile and soft voice, her tone was full of threat. After the death of Pei Yong, witnessing the coldness of the Empress Dowager, and her mother’s tears streaming down her face, Pei Anru had grown up overnight.


“Young Miss Pei, what do you need from this peasant woman?” Mei Jinxiu acted more deferentially, taking a teapot and pouring her a cup of tea.


“It’s nothing important. Recently, a maternal female cousin of mine arrived at the Pei Residence. She is younger than me, but behaves very arrogantly because my uncle dotes on her. I want to teach her a lesson, and let her know that she should go back to where she came from!” Pei Anru raised her hand and heavily slammed her palm against the table. The uncle she was talking about was evidently Pei Zheng.


Of course, this imaginary younger cousin was just a ruse. I’m not dumb enough to tell someone who I’m actually targetting.


Although her personality had changed a lot after being betrayed by her family, Mei Jinxiu was still an upfront and slightly slow-witted person. Thus, she didn’t suspect any of what Pei Anru had said.


“Young Miss Pei, what kind of medicine do you need? You can have anything as long as it doesn’t involve ruthlessly harming people.”


Pei Anru waved her hand. “I won’t harm lives or do anything ruthless. I just want to ruin her appearance!”


Mei Jinxiu knew how to make medicinal powders that would cause disfiguration. Of course, they were split into ones that had temporary effects, and others that were more permanent.


Mei Jinxiu assumed that she could only use the temporary disfigurement medicinal powder for any strife within the residence. They are still relatives after all.


“I want you to make a medicinal powder that will permanently disfigure my female cousin. She has offended me too much. Physician Mei, you can’t reject me.” Pei Anru took out an ingot of silver from her sleeve.

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