Su Xi-er took the opportunity and escaped through the door. The guards were distracted by the men that the woman had brought along, and Qin Ling himself was busy dealing with said woman. “Your chest is so sturdy. Why don’t you come to my place for a visit? The girls at my place are very beautiful; there are even some who have never served any customers yet.”


Qin Ling’s brows furrowed, pushing the woman off of him as he stormed out the door. She can’t have gotten far after being drugged.


Su Xi-er herself was currently hiding in a different alley, leaning against the wall as she tried to check for any movements. Through her constantly fading vision, she saw a tall shadow on the ground. It’s Qin Ling, he has already come out to search for me.


Su Xi-er turned and started to run, the cold night air helping her maintain a clearer state of mind.


When Su Xi-er reached the end of the alley, she heard some footsteps from behind her. Hiding behind a lion statue, she suddenly felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. Whirling around, she found… Mei Jinxiu.


Mei Jinxiu noticed Qin Ling in front of them and immediately softly urged, “Come with me, I live in the house right here.” She said as she quickly opened the door to her house.


Su Xi-er nodded and followed her in; quickly closing the door behind her.


When Qin Ling arrived at the alleyway, he was left puzzled by the lack of a person. I clearly saw Su Xi-er walking this way. If I can’t bring Su Xi-er back, I can’t return to Nanzhao. I must hide in the capital of Beimin and wait for Prince Yun’s next order.


Inside the room, Su Xi-er was quickly becoming dizzy without anything to stimulate her senses. Noticing her unusual state, Mei Jinxiu took out a few silver needles and began to insert them in Su Xi-er’s acupoints, somewhat relieving her symptoms.


Mei Jinxiu raised her wrist and started to check her pulse. “This a rather powerful knockout drug. I can’t believe you’ve stayed conscious until now. Only sleeping will allow you to fully recover; the most I can do is give you some herbs to alleviate the effects so that you don’t have to rest that long.”


Su Xi-er asked, “Why are you here in Beimin?”


“The Mei Family has been taken over by others, and I no longer have anyone to rely on. Thus, I have come to Beimin, treating people along the way. When I have built a sufficient amount of influence, I will return to take the Mei Family back with my own two hands.” Mei Jinxiu’s voice was calm, but a trace of determination was clear on her face.


“Many things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. It’s great that you can walk out from the past and accept things. It’s good that you are clear about what you want to do in the future.” Su Xi-er stood up and looked around the room, her gaze stopping on some herbs at the side.


She walked up and took some medicinal herbs, then crushing them to release their juices before putting them on her temples.


“You understand how to use medicinal herbs?” Mei Jinxiu walked up and asked. How did she know which ones were for dizziness?


“I know a little. Is this your drug store?”


Mei Jinxiu nodded. “I noticed that it is expensive to see a physician in Beimin, and my fees are much less than those of other doctors. If someone poor comes to see me, I’ll just charge them for the cost of the medicinal herbs. After being here for two days, I’ve already seen many patients.”


“Su Xi-er, go inside and rest. I will need to organise my medicinal herbs tonight. I don’t know who was trying to catch you, but you need to be careful in the future.”


Su Xi-er nodded and walked towards the inner chamber.


Just when she was going to step into the inner chamber, Mei Jinxiu suddenly asked, “I understand now that I was wrong, but do you still mind that I previously offended you and Prince Hao with my arrogance?”


“There are so many women who admire Prince Hao, why would it trouble me? Besides, I am just a servant.” After that, Su Xi-er walked into the inner chamber.


Mei Jinxiu was stunned for a moment. How can she be just a maidservant? Is she lying to herself, or does she not dare to become Prince Hao’s woman?

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