Everyone’s doors were tightly shut, and only a few brave souls cracked open their windows to observe what was going on outside. What happened? There are so many people dispatched on the streets.


Meanwhile, the person that everyone was searching for was currently in a civilian’s house. Su Xi-er quietly looked at the imperial guards from the Prince Yun Residence, all of whom wore civilian clothes as they surrounded her.


“Prince Yun gave the order to take you away from Beimin today. Please forgive us if we had offended you just now.”


With Su Xi-er’s skills, she would never have been taken by them so easily. If I am here, it’s because I wanted to be. I want to know what game Yun Ruofeng is trying to play.


“Prince Yun sent you here, but are you so confident that I will return with you?” Su Xi-er’s tone was unfriendly as she coldly stared at the guards around her.


Suddenly, the door opened, and Qin Ling walked in wearing the same civilian clothes as the rest of the guards.


Su Xi-er’s brows furrowed. He’s supposed to have been sent to the borders, but now he’s in the capital of Beimin.


Qin Ling walked up and paid his respects before taking a letter out from his sleeve. “Miss, this is a letter from Prince Yun; please read it.” He passed the letter to her.


Su Xi-er took it and started reading; after a small amount of time, she chuckled and tightly grasped it.


Lan-er, the new policy has been reimplemented. This Prince has been sincerely assisting Lianchen. I hope you will return to this Prince’s side soon; let’s start over again.


After hurting me, he’s trying to get me to go back with a few words? He doesn’t know that some wounds are permanent. 


“Commander Qin, even if Prince Yun personally comes here, I still wouldn’t return to Nanzhao.” Su Xi-er held the letter above a burning candle, letting it quickly turn to ashes.


“Miss, are you really so firm in your decision?” Qin Ling asked again, trying to sound her out.


Su Xi-er stood up. “Commander Qin, you should be at the borders. Yet you, as Nanzhao’s Imperial Guard Army Commander, as well as Prince Yun’s right-hand man, are suddenly here in Beimin. Aren’t you afraid that people will discover you here and think that Nanzhao wants to wage war with Beimin?”


“Miss, this subordinate must obey Prince Yun’s orders. Since you refuse to go back, please forgive me.” With a flash of his body, Qin Ling scattered the medicinal powder that he was hiding in his sleeve on Su Xi-er’s body.


It’s a medicinal powder that will knock me out. Su Xi-er immediately held her breath, but she had already inhaled some of the powder. Her whole body started to feel weak, but her eyes still glared intensely at her would-be kidnappers. “Commander Qin, I thought you were an honest person, but you’ve started to become despicable too. To put it nicely, you are too loyal. To say it unpleasantly, you are aiding the evil.”


“Miss, please forgive me. As an official, I have to serve my master for a lifetime.” Qin Ling walked up with a thick rope in his hand as he spoke, preparing to tie Su Xi-er up.


With the last bits of her consciousness, Su Xi-er looked at the door and tried to come up with a way out.


All of a sudden... Bang! The door was forcefully opened by someone from the outside.


A group of men holding cudgels immediately barged into the room with a middle-aged woman who was dressed in a bewitching manner behind them. She waved the handkerchief in her hand and pointed at Su Xi-er. “That’s the young lady who I have chosen today. None of you can take her away!”


Qin Ling looked at the woman. She clearly looks like a bawd. He immediately waved his hand for his subordinates to take care of it, causing a scuffle to break out.


The woman smiled and used this chance to get closer to Su Xi-er. Noticing her, Qin Ling quickly obstructed her path.

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