Unable to ignore Tan Ge’s unusual absentminded state, Su Xi-er immediately launched into the subject. “Why did Commandery Prince Xie seek you out after the Beauty Palace was dissolved? What kind of deal did he make with you?”


Tan Ge was stunned. I didn’t think that Su Xi-er would ask me that in such a straightforward manner. But I can’t tell her. “I have no idea why he came to find me, and even I don’t know what he thinks I can do for him.”


“Is that so?” Su Xi-er’s tone raised, her probing look gradually receding from her eyes.


Tan Ge laughed. “I can’t understand Commandery Prince Xie, nor have I made a deal with him. Don’t you believe my words? Even if I wanted to make a deal, there would have to be a sufficient reason for him to work with me. What do you think is left at the Tan Residence that can entice a noble to help me?”


Su Xi-er didn’t respond to that. What Tan Ge said does make sense. However, it is also strange for her to follow us out of the imperial palace. What can she do outside the palace?


The two didn’t talk after that, leaving only the rattling of the carriage’s wheels in their ears during the rest of their trip to the busiest street in the capital.


By the time the horse carriage stopped, Situ Lin had already changed into a different outfit. He wore the same Imperial Library attire as Su Xi-er and Tan Ge. However, the outfit was similar to a dress that an ordinary woman would wear. If people didn’t look at the edge of his sleeves carefully, they wouldn’t see the words ‘Imperial Clothing’ on them.


Situ Lin’s curious gaze swept left and right as he proceeded down the street. When he found something interesting, he would decide to buy it immediately, letting the imperial guard next to him pay for it.


Soon enough, he had already accumulated a large number of items. When the other peddlers noticed this, they thought that he was a profligate young master from a noble family, and began competing to hawk their wares in hopes of getting his attention.


“Wow, ring toss!” Situ Lin passed the things in his hand to the imperial guard and walked towards the ring toss stand. He bought a few dozen rings and started to play excitedly, but didn’t have any luck with hitting the targets.


The peddler tried to hide his smile. “Young Gentleman, try to pay attention to your technique, and you will land on a target soon.”


Su Xi-er saw the defeated expression on Situ Lin’s face, so she walked up and took a few rings from his hand before aiming them at the most delicate-looking object on the ground.


Before the peddler could say anything, Su Xi-er flicked her wrist, and the sound of the ring looping itself around her target could be heard. Bullseye!


Situ Lin clapped his hands in delight. “It hit! Bring it over quickly!”


The peddler bent over and unwillingly picked up a delicate porcelain vase with a flowery design from the ground. “Miss, you are really lucky.” That young gentleman only bought a few dozen rings, but they’ve won the most expensive prize that I have. In all the years that I’ve owned this stall, nobody has ever won it.


How can I not sigh when I am making a loss today because of that one vase!


“Toss again, I will give you all the rings!” Witnessing Su Xi-er’s technique, Situ Lin gave all the rings to Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er saw the reluctance in the peddler’s eyes, so she decided to make things easy on him, and only aimed at some low-value trinkets. That said, she would get whatever she aimed at, making the imperial guard’s mouth twitch. Can you stop tossing the rings? I can’t hold all these items anymore!


Soon, the imperial guard was carrying a few dozen items, and both of Tan Ge’s hands were also full.


Situ Lin continued to cheer, but the peddler just wanted Su Xi-er gone. Stop tossing the rings!


Instead of taking more rings from Situ Lin after she finished throwing the rings in her hands, Su Xi-er walked up to the peddler. “Here you can have them back, I think we’ll stop here, I can’t let you make a loss.”


The peddler was stunned and on the verge of tears. “Miss, you really are a wonderful person!”


“Su Xi-er, I can’t hold these anymore.” Tan Ge voiced out, the items in her hands piled up high.

All the children passing by glanced at them with a longing in their eyes. I really want those things.

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