“Don’t I have you here to support me, Commandery Prince Xie?” Situ Lin mischievously winked and pulled Su Xi-er’s sleeve. “Beauty, hurry and agree to come with this Emperor.”


“Your Majesty, you need to have Prince Hao’s approval before you leave the palace.” Su Xi-er smiled at Situ Lin and took two steps backwards to put a distance between them.


Situ Lin was very clever, and he immediately understood. Whether I can leave the palace or not depends on Su Xi-er, but since Commandery Prince Xie is taking responsibility, I won’t get in trouble even if Imperial Uncle finds out.


“Look at how pitiful this Emperor is; I have never been out of the imperial palace. The most I have been able to do is stand in the cold wind at the main entrance.” Situ Lin lamented as he squeezed out a few tears. His pitiful look was very cute.


At this moment, Situ Li walked forward. He understood Xie Yun’s thoughts. After he glanced at the Emperor, he said to Su Xi-er, “His Majesty has been bored being cooped up in the palace. If we don’t satisfy his wishes, he probably won’t be diligent in his studies in the future. Why not go out for a few hours and return to the palace early. It’s fine as long as Prince Hao doesn’t find out.” 


When Situ Lin saw that his Third Imperial Brother had agreed, he urged again. “Beauty, hurry and go with this Emperor. I will take you out to eat good food and have fun.” He whined like a spoiled child as he pulled the hem of Su Xi-er’s clothes and swayed it left and right. His cute manner reminded Su Xi-er of what Lianchen was like when he was young.


His Majesty is still young, and can still learn how to act properly in the future. It’s hard to not think of Lianchen and sympathise with him when I see him though.


After a short while, Su Xi-er nodded. “We will return in less than 6 hours.”


Situ Lin was jumped for joy when Su Xi-er finally relented. “Alright! 6 hours!”


Xie Yun stretched his hand out. “You should go and wait at the entrance of the Imperial Library. This Prince will take care of things and ask some people to accompany you.”


Situ Lin repeatedly nodded and dragged Su Xi-er forward. When Su Xi-er was leaving, she glanced at Xie Yun. I must be extra careful during this trip outside.


Once the two had left the room, Situ Li’s expression became stony. “Commandery Prince Xie, no matter what your plan is, you can’t harm His Majesty.”


Xie Yun’s eyes curved into a smile, his words coming out with an indifferent air. “Third Imperial Prince, didn’t you just help with this Prince’s plans? My goal is very simple. Do you not also share the notion that Su Xi-er cannot enter the Prince Hao Residence, and cannot be allowed to become Princess Consort Hao?”


“I have the same goal, but my methods are different from yours, Commandery Prince Xie.”


“Could it be because you like Su Xi-er? Interesting. The Third Imperial Prince who isn’t interested in anything in this world is interested in Su Xi-er?”


Situ Li shook his head. “This Imperial Prince doesn’t like her.” However, Su Xi-er is like a fellow traveller on the same path as me. I recognised it when she was being attacked by the man in black back in Empress Mother’s repose palace.


“It’s difficult to guess your thoughts.” Xie Yun finally said after a few moments, deciding to leave as he did so.


Situ Lin and Su Xi-er waited in front of the Imperial Library for a few minutes before a horse carriage appeared before them.


“Your Majesty, please board the horse carriage.” An imperial guard got off the carriage and deferentially said.


Situ Lin jumped on the carriage like a monkey, while Su Xi-er turned around and saw Tan Ge walking out from the Imperial Library.


“Commandery Prince Xie instructed this servant to go with you.” Tan Ge walked next to Su Xi-er and softly told her.


Situ Lin lifted the curtain of the horse carriage. “Two beauties, not bad! Hurry and get on the horse carriage!”


Su Xi-er shook her head. “This servant cannot ride the same horse carriage as Your Majesty.”


Just as she said so, another horse carriage appeared, prompting Su Xi-er and Tan Ge to both get on. Shortly after, the horse carriages started moving towards the outside of the palace.


Tan Ge sat on one side, staying silent as her eyes remained glued to the floor of the carriage.


Su Xi-er observed Tan Ge. She is quiet, and her expression is calm, but she looks like she has a lot on her mind. 


Su Xi-er decided to inquire. “Tan Ge.”


The call made Tan Ge’s body suddenly tremble. “What’s wrong?”

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