Pei Anru immediately raised her head. “Empress Dowager, I want to request to leave the palace.”


Pei Yaran hadn’t wanted to keep Pei Anru in the Compassionate Peace Palace from the start. In fact, everything that she had just said was to get Pei Anru to request to leave on her own.


Thus, Pei Yaran immediately approved of this request. “This Empress Dowager will send a horse carriage to take you out.”


After that, Pei Yaran got up and left the room.


Shortly after, a little eunuch came to take Pei Anru out of the palace. Pei Anru didn’t hesitate and immediately followed the little eunuch out.


An hour later, she was out of the imperial palace and entering a drugstore. It was here that Ye Qingzhu happened to catch sight of her. I’m curious as to why Pei Anru is entering a drugstore, but… I am in no position to care about people from the Pei Family. Ye Qingzhu decided to leave.




Currently, Su Xi-er was in the Calligraphy Pavilion after Grand Tutor Kong had ordered her to organise the various writing supplies.


Just as she started organising, the voice of a surprised little boy could be heard. “Beauty, I didn’t know you would actually be here!”


Su Xi-er raised her head and saw Situ Lin in a bright yellow dragon robe. His eyes were wide, and he looked at her in delight.


“This servant pays her respects to Your Majesty.”


Situ Lin’s brows furrowed as he walked up to hold Su Xi-er’s hand. “Beauty, why are you here at the Imperial Library?”


“Your Majesty, your purpose in coming to the Calligraphy Pavilion was to properly practice your writing. As the emperor of a country, your handwriting can only be excellent.” Grand Tutor’s seriously chided.


Situ Lin’s little face wrinkled together as he complained, “Grand Tutor, this Emperor has met an acquaintance here. I will practice calligraphy after we are done talking.”


“Your Majesty, the acquaintance you are talking to is great at calligraphy.”


“Beauty, are you good at calligraphy? This Emperor has never heard Grand Tutor Kong praising anyone before.” Situ Lin looked surprised. Grand Tutor Kong has been very strict with me. It’s already good if I can avoid being scolded, let alone being complimented!


Su Xi-er smiled. “This servant does not deserve such a compliment.” After that, she took out a piece of paper from the drawer and put it flat onto the table. “Your Majesty, this servant will prepare the ink for you to practise.”


Situ Lin giggled. “This Emperor is happy that a beauty will be preparing the ink for me! I will definitely diligently practise today!” After that, he opened the copybook and conscientiously studied it.


Grand Tutor Kong shook his head. I hope that His Majesty’s personality will change. He is still like a child, and only likes to play. He completely lacks the style of an emperor when he speaks as well, and only Prince Hao can keep him in check. Speaking of which, should I tell Prince Hao that His Majesty calls Su Xi-er, ‘Beauty?’ It is rather inappropriate of his status.


If Situ Lin knew what Grand Tutor Kong was thinking, he would definitely desperately beseech him not to tell his Imperial Uncle.


“Your Majesty, the ink is ready for you.” Su Xi-er stopped grinding the inkstick.


Situ Lin nodded. He dipped the end of his brush into the ink and started to write properly.


Shortly after, another person entered the Calligraphy Pavilion ー the Third Imperial Prince, Situ Li.


Grand Tutor Kong bowed to pay his respects, but was stopped by Situ Li. “Grand Tutor, you don’t need to be overly courteous. This Imperial Prince is here for Su Xi-er’s advice.”


When Situ Lin heard his voice, he looked overjoyed. “Third Imperial Brother!” I came to the Imperial Library at the right time. Not only did I see Su Xi-er, I also met my Third Imperial Elder Brother!


Out of all my imperial elder brothers, Third Imperial Brother treats me the best! However, my respected and loved Third Imperial Brother was sent to a remote county, and was only allowed to return this year. After returning, he never came to see me, often staying outside the palace!


“This servant pays her respects to the Third Imperial Prince.” Su Xi-er bowed.


Situ Li waved his hand. “This Imperial Prince is here to consult you. You are the teacher today, so this Imperial Prince should be paying my respects to you instead.”

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