Upon leaving the army barracks, Xie Yun chose to head to the imperial palace instead of returning to his residence.




Meanwhile, Pei Anru had woken up after resting in the Compassionate Peace Palace. However, the first news she received after waking up was that her father had been beheaded in public. I thought that Prince Hao would be merciful to my father and let him live after I implored him, but in the end...


Pei Anru’s heart ached. Without father, my mother and I have lost our only pillar of support.


While she was thinking about this, the room to her door was pushed open, revealing Pei Yaran. She casually walked in and glanced at Pei Anru. “Your father died because of Su Xi-er. If not for her, then perhaps Prince Hao would have taken notice of you and allowed your father to live after you begged him.”


Pei Anru got up from her chair and bowed to pay her respects. After that, she asked in confusion. “Empress Dowager, how can a mere woman like Su Xi-er influence Prince Hao’s decisions?”


Pei Yaran gave a cold snort. “You don’t even believe this Empress Dowager’s words; no wonder your father died.”


Pei Anru trembled and pressed her lips together, looking at Pei Yaran with a shaken expression. “I went to the Palace Side Quarters that night and saw Prince Hao alone with Su Xi-er in her room. I think that Prince Hao will soon lose interest in a vile woman who can only try to seduce him.” 


“This Empress Dowager won’t beat around the bush; the current Pei Family has no intention to take you back into their residence. Didn’t you enter the imperial palace for Prince Hao? However, since all he does is ignore you, it would be better just to show yourself out of the imperial palace altogether.” Pei Yaran said as she languidly sat down on a chair.


Pei Anru carefully thought about it. I did enter the palace for Prince Hao, but I am different from Su Xi-er, and won’t seduce him. To attract a powerful man like Prince Hao requires elegance instead of vulgar displays.


But the Empress Dowager is right; Su Xi-er is a huge obstacle for me.


“Empress Dowager, Su Xi-er doesn’t have any status. What else can she use to attract Prince Hao besides her face?”


Pei Yaran raised her eyebrows and laughed. “The only advantage she has is her beauty. If she’s no longer beautiful, Prince Hao wouldn’t treat her as well, even if he did care about her. He wouldn’t ignore the rules and take Su Xi-er into the Prince Hao Residence either!”


“What? Take her into the Prince Hao Residence? What status will she have?” Pei Anru looks shocked. I have heard that the only woman in the Prince Hao Residence is Miss Qing. However, even Miss Qing is a servant without any status. If Su Xi-er enters the Prince Hao Residence, she will probably play some tricks to get pregnant with Prince Hao’s child, and her status will improve.


“Su Xi-er is very ambitious. This Empress Dowager doesn’t know what status she will have. If we don’t stop her, then your father won’t be the only person dying.”


Pei Anru became serious and started muttering in a low voice, “If Su Xi-er’s beauty is destroyed, then she won’t be doted on by Prince Hao anymore.”


“She is not at the Palace Side Quarters anymore. Su Xi-er has instead been stationed at the Imperial Library and rose to the position of a court lady.” Pei Yaran added as her eyes slightly narrowed.


Pei Anru’s eyes shone. “There are many books in the Imperial Library. We should set a fire when Su Xi-er is inside the book depository, so even if she escapes, she won’t be able to save her face.”


Just as she finished talking, Pei Yaran heavily smacked her hand down on the table. “Preposterous! Prince Hao is paying attention to both the military and literature right now. With the Xie Family already drawing the civil court officials to their side, any incident at the Imperial Library would result in serious consequences. This Empress Dowager doesn’t want to hear what you just said again.”

Pei Anru’s mouth opened slightly, but she didn’t say anything. If that’s the case, then we can only use medicine. But where can I find them? I can’t get them in the imperial palace, so I can only look for them outside.

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No wonder they say that everyone has a dark side to them. In this case, circumstances and Pei Yaran's words have finally caused the seed of evil to emerge in Pei Anru :/

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Pei Anru is someone who is being marked by the times. She got promised unrealistic outcomes if she tries hard enough, and thus became a devout believer of people on that side, because the outcome where she didn't try hard enough ended up happening. She is unaware that her own role absolutely didn't matter in this. It's a little like devout fanatics of the church during the dark age. If they tell you your action is for god, you'd commit atrocities. Perfect brainwashing, and extremely hard to notice for the person that got brainwashed.

Poor Pei Anru.