Chao Mu was scared that Su Xi-er would lose out, so she walked up and said in a low voice, “Don’t underestimate Miss Qing; she is even more arrogant than He Ying. She can afford to do so because she has Prince Hao backing her!”


Tan Ge pulled Chao Mu over. “Let’s go. How could Su Xi-er lose out when she is so clever?” Miss Qing follows Prince Hao’s orders, so she naturally knows who he cares about. Chao Mu is just worrying too much.


“I will be careful, don’t worry.” Su Xi-er reassured before following Ye Qingzhu.


Once the two found themselves on a remote path in the Imperial Library, Ye Qingzhu’s expression changed from one of arrogance to anxiety. “Su Xi-er, where did Prince Hao go?”


Su Xi-er was puzzled. Why is she asking me this question? Did something happen to Pei Qianhao?


“I can’t find Elder Brother Wu, but he must be together with Prince Hao. I can’t just ask where Prince Hao is so openly, so I came to ask you.” Ye Qingzhu sighed and became vexed. “It’s all my fault that I couldn’t retain my composure. After chasing Elder Brother Wu for so long, I finally forcefully kissed him two days ago. He has been avoiding me ever since.”


When Su Xi-er heard the words ‘forcefully kissed’, she almost laughed. She hid her smile and said, “Prince Hao is in the army barracks.”


“Army barracks? Then Elder Brother Wu must be there too. But what should I do? Women aren’t allowed to enter the army barracks. Not only that, what should I even say when I see him? I’m too embarrassed to admit that I kissed him because I like him...” Ye Qingzhu started mumbling to herself.


Su Xi-er suddenly remembered that Ruo Yuan liked Wu Ling too. But with how persistent Ye Qingzhu has been, Ruo Yuan may just have to slowly let go of her feelings.


“Tell me, what should I do?” Ye Qingzhu’s little face was wrinkled with frustration. I don’t know what to do; this is the biggest problem that I have faced in my life so far.


“You have already forcefully kissed Wu Ling, so no matter how dense he is, he knows that you like him. That being said, there are only two possibilities if he’s avoiding you.” Su Xi-er started to patiently analyse the situation.


“Tell me quickly, what are the two possibilities?”


Su Xi-er laughed. “The first possibility: just like you, he also doesn’t know what to do, so he needs a few days to think about it. Of course, it could also be the second possibility: he doesn’t like you, and doesn’t know how to reject you. Thus, his only option is to hide.”


The second possibility deeply stabbed Ye Qingzhu in the heart. I have followed Elder Brother Wu for so many years, how can he not like me? That won’t do, he must like me!


“I can’t just wait like this. Su Xi-er, tell me, how did Prince Hao tell you that he likes you?” Ye Qingzhu bluntly asked. After being in the Prince Hao Residence for so long, I understand Prince Hao’s personality very well. He is a man of his words, but buries all of his true thoughts behind his cold and callous facade. Such a man wouldn’t admit his feelings to a woman so easily. First of all, he wouldn’t be used to making his emotions known. Second of all, he wouldn’t know where to begin!


That’s why I want to emulate Prince Hao’s method.


Su Xi-er didn’t know how to answer the question, but tried her best when she saw Ye Qingzhu’s anxious face. “Prince Hao has never said that he likes me.”


“What?! He still hasn’t said it?! Do you know how much he likes you?!” Ye Qingzhu couldn’t control herself and almost started yelling.


When she saw that Su Xi-er didn’t respond, she sighed. “When the Beauty Palace was dissolved, I plucked up my courage to ask Prince Hao a question, ‘Are you not going to keep any of the 72 beauties inside?’ I will never forget how he answered.”


Ye Qingzhu glanced at the forest on the side and stood ramrod straight before lowering her voice in an imitation of Pei Qianhao. 


“Su Xi-er doesn’t like it.”

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