After Chao Mu finished talking, she noticed that Su Xi-er was reading some books and asked, “What’s wrong? Are there books missing?”


“Mmm, there is a Poetry Classics book missing. I need to tell Grand Tutor Kong.”


Chao Mu laughed after hearing that. “Grand Tutor Kong doesn’t care about things like that, it’s not like he knows the exact number of books in the Imperial Library. Su Xi-er, you are an earnest worker, but in Beimin, we value the military more than literature. The Imperial Library is just a decoration. There are usually very few people who come here to read, so it’s fine as long as the missing book isn’t a new arrival.”


“The Poetry Classics are old books, but it’s good that Beimin now places importance on new books. It means that the country has begun to advocate literature.” Su Xi-er smiled as she stood up with the pile of books in her arms.


“You are going to move the Poetry Classics into another book depository? Let me help you.” Chao Mu picked up some of the books and followed behind Su Xi-er.


They found two rows of empty shelves in the other depository before making five trips to move the entirety of the Poetry Classics over.


“Su Xi-er, let’s go and eat jujubes!” Chao Mu laughed and pulled Su Xi-er’s hand to walk forward.


Su Xi-er couldn’t refuse her enthusiasm. On the way to Chao Mu’s room, they also saw Tan Ge, who was holding a broom. “Chao Mu, Grand Tutor Kong has instructed us to go to the Imperial Garden and help the palace maids sweep the paths there.”


Chao Mu’s expression became foul after hearing that. “It must be because there’s soil everywhere after they pulled out the Purple Fragrance Flowers. To do something like that for no reason… aren’t they just asking for trouble?!”


“Chao Mu, you can’t speak so casually outside of the Imperial Library.” Su Xi-er’s expression became serious as she reminded her.


“You are so serious, but don’t worry. Even though I didn’t grow up in fear like you, I have suffered a loss at Miss Qing’s hands before; I know to keep my mouth shut after leaving the Imperial Library. Let’s go, Tan Ge!” Chao Mu’s reassured in her resounding voice. 


Chao Mu was about to go into her room to take her broom, a different voice echoed across the courtyard. “It’s been hard on you to still remember that you previously suffered a loss at my hands.”


Su Xi-er looked in the direction of the voice. The voice belonged to none other than Miss Qing, Ye Qingzhu. She was still arrogantly looking down on others while wearing a light cyan dress.


Just as Chao Mu wanted to retort, Tan Ge pinched her arm, prompting her to quickly suppress her anger as she replied, “Miss Qing, you don’t like to read; why did you come to the Imperial Library today?”


Ye Qingzhu cast a glance at Chao Mu before her gaze fell on Su Xi-er. “She is the person I am looking for today.” 


All because of Chao Mu provoking me back then, I was chided by Elder Brother Wu! I have not forgotten, and I won’t try to act nicely towards her. In fact, I don’t want to see her ever again.


Chao Mu knew what Ye Qingzhu’s personality was like. When she heard that the latter was looking for Su Xi-er, she thought that Ye Qingzhu was here to make trouble. “Miss Qing, if you are here to look for trouble, then you will need to see who your opponent is! Su Xi-er isn’t someone you can casually offend like me. She is a court lady of the Imperial Library, but you are just a maidservant at the Prince Hao Residence. Oh wait, I got that wrong, I heard that you have left the Prince Hao Residence. That means you are not even a maidservant anymore.”


Su Xi-er knew about this matter. There were only men at the Prince Hao Residence the day we returned. Ye Qingzhu was nowhere to be found.


Ye Qingzhu gave a cold snort. “Your foul mouth just can’t say anything nice, can it? I didn’t get kicked out of the Prince Hao Residence, nor do I need to tell you where I’ve gone. Hurry up and go clean the palace paths instead of being fresh with me here!” 


After she was done with her rant, she raised her hand and pointed at Su Xi-er. “Follow me, I have something to ask you.” She then turned on her heel and headed towards a quiet area in the Imperial Library.

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