Feng Changqing couldn’t help but be taken aback for a moment after hearing her appraisal of Prince Hao. After a while, he remarked, “You have never given such high praise to anybody, or trusted so much in their capabilities. Even back when your relationship with Prince Yun was great, this subordinate never heard you say anything like that about Prince Yun.”


No wonder there is a saying ‘bystanders see things clearer than those who are involved’. Lookers-on see most of the game. Feng Changqing inwardly lamented. Maybe the Eldest Imperial Princess doesn’t even recognise how biased she is towards Prince Hao.


There was a slight crack in Su Xi-er’s expression before returning to normal. “It is already late at night; be careful when you return to the Prince Hao Residence. Although Prince Hao will be at the barracks for the next few days taking care of some business, you should still be wary. Even more so when he returns.”


“This subordinate will remember this. I will take my leave now.” Feng Changqing softly replied before disappearing from the room.


Su Xi-er’s slender eyebrows were scrunched up, as she thought about what Feng Changqing had mentioned. He can see that I trust Pei Qianhao. This person is certainly capable, but he is also arrogant and egotistical; he won’t allow anyone to disobey his orders, and does whatever he pleases.


However, it was the same Pei Qianhao who instantly became gentle and showed concern when he was massaging my temples and bandaging my wound. It was the same cold and callous man who dropped his defences and showed his gentle side to someone like me, despite always acting like a wall of ice towards everyone else, even if it was just for a fleeting moment.


To say that my heart didn’t skip a beat at all would be a lie. It seems that even I am not an unmeltable glacier.


Su Xi-er’s thoughts floated around until she finally lied down in bed, trying not to mull over it any further as she closed her eyes.


The next day, Su Xi-er woke up, got dressed, and went into the kitchen to eat breakfast with everyone. After everyone finished eating, she left the kitchen and happened to see Grand Tutor Kong.


“Su Xi-er, move the Poetry Classics into the book depository on the right. Don’t put them together with books on governance.”


“Alright, I will move them right away.” Su Xi-er nodded before going to the book depository that ‘Poetry Classics’ was stored in.


Although there are also wise sayings in ‘Poetry Classics’, they are mostly about the drama and relationships between men and women. It’s not good to keep them together with books on governing the country.


The Poetry Classics occupied two full shelves. When Su Xi-er had them all off the shelf and began to count them, she became confused. Why is there one missing?


I just moved those books into the book depository yesterday. It’s only been one night, and nobody has come here since then. The only book that was taken out was the Lan Script copybook by the Third Imperial Prince; why is there a book that is randomly missing?!


Su Xi-er started checking for the books one by one against the names on the register. Finally, she noticed that the one missing was the one written with Pei Qianhao and Xie Liuli’s engagement.


Someone must have secretly taken it! Who would take that Poetry Classics book by coincidence?


Pei Qianhao was here yesterday, and now the Poetry Classics book is missing. Was it him who took it? But why would he? Maybe there really was an engagement, and now he feels guilty?


Su Xi-er didn’t even notice that the discomfort she was feeling right now wasn’t pain, but jealousy.


He actually took that Poetry Classics book to hide it! His engagement with Xie Liuli must have been true, and now he’s trying to hide it from me!


However, the spark of jealousy was put out so quickly that Su Xi-er failed to even notice it.


At this moment, Chao Mu walked over with a plaintive expression. “I don’t know what happened to the Empress Dowager today; she ordered the guards to take all the Purple Fragrance Flowers out of the Imperial Garden. Those beautiful flowers were transplanted there because of Prince Hao’s orders, but now they will be disappearing from the Imperial Garden soon.”

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