Su Xi-er wasn’t sleepy, so she decided to take a walk in the courtyard. Staring at the night sky, she started to think about Lianchen. Were the three chief ministers convinced of his authority after he seized the power of those Ministries? Is Yun Ruofeng already making a comeback? Why was the Lan Script allowed to disseminate again?


She became lost in her thoughts until she heard some approaching footsteps, jolting her back to her senses. When she saw it was Feng Changqing, however, she relaxed her vigilance.


Before Feng Changqing could open his mouth, Su Xi-er waved his hand for him to keep quiet. She then quickly had him follow her back to her room; only when the door was locked tightly did Feng Changqing begin to speak.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, one of your previous subordinates from Nanzhao sent a letter saying that all of the new policies that you had previously introduced have been reinstated. Prince Yun was the first to approve, and His Majesty threw his support behind the motion as well. Besides that, business at the Cyan Wind Pavilion has only been improving, all thanks to His Majesty’s support.”


Su Xi-er looked doubtful after hearing that. “Prince Yun was the first to approve of the new policies being reinstated?


Feng Changqing nodded. “The letter clearly mentioned Prince Yun’s approval, but it also noted that he’s been convalescing in his residence this entire time. We don’t know why, but he hasn’t participated much in court affairs either.”


This doesn’t sound like something Yun Ruofeng would do at all. Su Xi-er furrowed her brows. “Write a letter to Nanzhao and ask them to investigate. I was wondering why I had found a Lan Script copybook while I was organising the books this afternoon.”


Feng Changqing nodded. “The Lan Script is being printed again, and promoted by the palace. All the noble daughters have started to learn it, and even the scholars from the Literary Association have begun to study it. Nanzhao has also set aside a large amount of silvers to help the civilians, and they are not as profligate when it comes to spending on military provisions. The current Nanzhao is much better than it was before.”


“Mmm, Lianchen is doing great. Find out what Yun Ruofeng is doing in his residence as soon as possible and remind Lianchen to make sure that he isn’t caught unprepared.” A glint of delight flickered across Su Xi-er’s eyes, but she didn’t loosen up at all. I can only relax once Lianchen has complete authority.


“There is one other thing, but this subordinate doesn’t know if I should say it?” His expression revealed that he was in a difficult position.


“Tell me.” Su Xi-er looked at him. The determined look in her eyes made Feng Changqing feel as if he was back on the battlefield and receiving the Eldest Imperial Princess’ orders.


“His Majesty has ordered his guards to summon Imperial Physician Fang’s daughter into the imperial palace. Although His Majesty is not 18 yet, the late Emperor had already possessed a room concubine servant at this age. The letter states that Imperial Physician Fang’s daughter has visited His Majesty’s repose palace a few times in a row.”


Su Xi-er’s brows were knitted. “How old is Imperial Physician Fang’s daughter?” I knew that Imperial Physician Fang had a daughter, but wasn’t she already married? If another one has emerged, then wouldn’t she be his illegitimate daughter?


“She is 15.”


Su Xi-er nodded. It must be his illegitimate daughter. Imperial Physician Fang is Yun Ruofeng’s trusted imperial physician. Lianchen must be using her to control Imperial Physician Fang, but… is having such a woman by his side good or bad?


After she thought about it for a while, Su Xi-er said, “If Lianchen really falls in love with her, then he can do whatever he wants with Imperial Physician Fang’s daughter. I can’t get involved in this.” Besides, I believe that whoever Lianchen fancies will be a woman who is clever and understands the big picture.


“Feng Changqing, how’s your wound?” Su Xi-er changed the topic and looked at Feng Changqing’s arm.


“This subordinate has used a lot of flower powder, and the effect is great. I haven’t recovered completely, but my wound doesn’t hurt anymore. Prince Hao has ordered many flower growers to study the remaining 20 Lingrui flowers that we brought from Nanzhao in hopes that we can successfully transplant them. Everyone has been working hard.”


Su Xi-er nodded and indifferently replied, “Pei Qianhao is very intelligent and far-sighted, possessing astute acumen. I don’t know why, but I think he will be successful in transplanting it.”

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