“This Prince doesn’t care about your relationship with Commandery Prince Xie, but if you plan to target Su Xi-er by getting close to her, this Prince won’t care that you’re from the Tan Residence. Is that clear?”


Tan Ge was shocked by his cold aura and dangerous words. Her heart wildly palpitated against her chest before she nodded. “This servant won’t do anything to Su Xi-er. Please don’t worry, Prince Hao.”


“Tell Commandery Prince Xie that he shouldn’t involve women in things that are between men.” Pei Qianhao left her this last sentence before turning to leave. Tan Ge could only watch his tall figure as he left, his charming aura almost like a halo as he disappeared under the moonlight.


Although Pei Qianhao had left the Imperial Library, Tan Ge was still rooted to the spot. Everyone says that Prince Hao is a cold, callous, and ruthless person who only collects beautiful women, but what they don’t know is that such men are the most loyal to the one he loves. Once he truly falls in love, his heart will belong to them for a lifetime.


The person who moved his heart is Su Xi-er, and he will hold her close to his heart for a lifetime. A strong man like him will definitely take care of her worries, and block all external threats.


In the end, Tan Ge raised her head and looked at the crescent moon hanging in the night sky. I spent so much time learning what he was like before I even knew his face; his likes, dislikes, and temperament… I tried to memorise all of them. Now though… everything has been like a cruel joke. In fact, my whole existence is a joke.


Tan Ge muttered to herself. “I don’t actually like Prince Hao, but I don’t want to think that the time I spent was wasted. Even now, I ask myself why I’m staying here in the Imperial Library. Is it for the Tan Residence? But is there even any hope left for the Tan Residence?” 


Tan Ge shook her head and turned to walk towards her room. When she was halfway there, she noticed that Su Xi-er was coming out of her own room.


“Tan Ge, why are you still up when it’s so late?” Su Xi-er had come out because she was unable to sleep; she hadn’t thought that she would see Tan Ge.


“It’s my first day living in the palace, I just came out for some air because I couldn’t get used to the feeling of being in my room.” Tan Ge smilingly replied.


When she walked next to Su Xi-er, Tan Ge questioned, “I saw Prince Hao. Was he here to see you?”


Before Su Xi-er could answer, Tan Ge continued. “I was in the Beauty Palace for almost three years.”


Su Xi-er showed a probing look in her eyes. I didn’t know that about her. To think that she was sent back to the Imperial Library by Xie Yun after being kicked out of the Beauty Palace.


“Although Prince Hao established the Beauty Palace, he never once visited any of the women’s courtyards. The Beauty Palace was simply a facade. Su Xi-er, to have a man like Prince Hao love you is something that I envy you for, but I also admire you. To be so talented, gentle, and polite is enough for any man to be attracted to you.” Tan Ge slowly said with a placid gaze.


“Tan Ge, since you don’t like living like this, why don’t you find a chance to leave?”


“If I was able to escape, then I wouldn’t be here right now. It’s because there are some things that I must face that I cannot do so.” Tan Ge sighed.


Su Xi-er raised her hand and patted her shoulder. “Either muster your courage and escape, or be sanguine and stay in the palace.”


When she heard Su Xi-er’s words, Tan Ge was taken aback. What a simple logic; there are only two roads in front of me.


“Su Xi-er, which type are you?”


“I am different from you. I entered the palace as a palace maid at a young age, and have spent my entire life here. I have no experience living on the outside, so I can only optimistically remain here.” Su Xi-er’s voice was slow and gentle, smiling with her eyes.


“You do have something to compare with. There was nobody to support you before, but now you have Prince Hao. In any case, I should go and rest since it’s so late. I will need to clean the palace paths again tomorrow morning.” Tan Ge flashed a smile and walked towards her room.

As Su Xi-er watched Tan Ge’s departing figure, a glint flickered across her eyes. Only I know that my life is actually much more complicated than Tan Ge’s.

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon

Edit: Lunarlark


Sangria: I hope Tan Ge will escape from the Palace.

Rakumon: *sigh* I have to say that Tan Ge is pretty strong considering her circumstances.

For her whole life, she had been taught to only focus on one goal, which is Prince Hao. Imagine how ingrained that notion would have been, However, she stayed in the Beauty Palace and managed to survive for three years despite being unsuccessful. Even after she was chased out and her whole life goal came crashing down on her, she still accepted her circumstances and even tried to break free from her restraining family. And even now, when she's faced with countless setbacks one after another, she's still trying to stay calm and go on with her life. 

If any of you are wondering why it's hard for many to just walk out on their horrible families, that's because filial piety was one of the most important values back in ancient China, which results in some choices that we are exasperated with. :((

I wish she had a much better life though :/

Let me know what you think of Tan Ge!


Featuring another comment from Seru! ^_^

Tan Ge is a person showing what people thought girls would be most useful for. Political marriage, and if not that, then a tool to trade a few political favors in. Her character is portrayed as rather steadfast, and a very realistic person, trying to make the best out of her position instead of going to any length to make unrealistic dreams come true.

I believe she'd make a great addition to Su Xi-er's forces, and given how much background we've gotten on her, I assume she won't be staying the little floor sweeper forever but be more relevant to the story in the future. By comparison, I think we now know more about Tan Ge than about the Empress Dowager.