Chao Mu harrumphed. “All the imperial princes have left the palace, so Grand Tutor Kong is only tutoring His Majesty now. He gets to relax after teaching for six hours. What a carefree life.”


Tan Ge softly replied, “Grand Tutor Kong also has times when he is busy with important matters. Every time there is a festival, the Minister of Rites will need to discuss plans with the Grand Tutor in order to determine how celebrations should be carried out, as well as how to decorate. These are all matters that require his attention.”


Chao Mu nodded continuously. “You used to be the eldest daughter from a family of scholars, so you understand these things. You have to warn me if I make a mistake in the future.”


Tan Ge was stunned for a moment, but then nodded in agreement.


Su Xi-er noticed the change in her expression. Coming from a family of scholars is Tan Ge’s biggest advantage, but it appears that she would rather not talk about it.


After that, Chao Mu continued to happily chatter away as everyone listened while absorbed in their own thoughts.


I suppose a person can only be happy in the palace if they have a personality like this. Tan Ge couldn’t help but inwardly lament.


By the time Su Xi-er finished eating, everyone else was almost finished too.


Chao Mu’s loud voice could be heard. “Don’t move everyone, it’s my turn to wash the bowls today!” After that, she nimbly tidied up everything.


Su Xi-er smiled and asked, “When’s my turn to wash the bowls?”


“You don’t need to because you are a court lady. This is not a female official’s job.” Chao Mu shook her head and refused her.


Shu Xian was unhappy. “I am a boy assistant. Although I am of a low rank, I’m still different from an ordinary servant. Why do I have to wash the bowls? Why do you still make me wash the bowls?”


Chao Mu harrumphed. “Because you are a male!” Her voice was resounding and it was an inadvertent jab to Xiao Yuanzi’s heart.


When Chao Mu realised what she had said, she was embarrassed and spoke much softer. “Xiao Yuanzi, you are even mightier than a man in my heart! You are much better than Shu Xian!” 


“It’s fine, I don’t take such things to heart. You don’t have to worry.”


Su Xi-er listened to their conversations and then left the kitchen. The Imperial Library is a nice place. At the very least, nobody here is scheming against their peers; no wonder Pei Qianhao wanted to send me here.


When she thought about Pei Qianhao, she felt a constriction in her chest My things are still at the Palace Side Quarters!


However, just as Su Xi-er walked into the courtyard, she saw Old Maidservant Liu entering the Imperial Library with a cloth bundle. Old Maidservant Liu must have brought my cloth bundle!


When Old Maidservant Liu saw Su Xi-er, she smiled benevolently. “You are a female official now, so all of your things have been neatly packed in here by Ruo Yuan. All the small brown bottles were packed in here as well.”


“Many thanks, Old Maidservant Liu.” Su Xi-er took the bundle. Her expression didn’t change despite learning that Old Maidservant Liu had seen the things in the bundle.


Old Maidservant Liu knew that some of the things in the bundle couldn’t have been obtained by a servant, and came to the conclusion that they must have been given by Prince Hao. But does Su Xi-er still remember our old promise?


Thus, Old Maidservant Liu stepped closer to Su Xi-er and lowered her voice. “You had promised me that you would help His Majesty.”


“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. That being said, I also don’t think that Prince Hao is someone who would try to seize power. He seems like a candid person.”


Old Maidservant Liu sighed. “It’s hard to know what Prince Hao is thinking, and nobody can be sure until the end. I can only hope that you will remember your promise even if you become Prince Hao’s bedfellow. The imperial power cannot change hands, otherwise, I will have disappointed my late master.”


“Old Maidservant Liu, please don’t worry. I will definitely keep my promise.” Su Xi-er smiled to comfort her.


“I will leave first. There were some guards from the Compassionate Peace Palace hiding near the Palace Side Quarters this morning, so it’ll be difficult for me to come in the future.” Old Maidservant Liu informed before turning on her heel and leaving.


Su Xi-er watched Old Maidservant Liu’s departing figure as she left, not knowing that it would be the last time that she would see her.

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